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Australia. A woman’s body hidden in the wall. The murdered person is Tanya Lee Glover

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Australian police have identified a person whose body was found in the basement of a building on the outskirts of Brisbane in December 2022. The human remains, hidden in a concrete wall, were supposed to belong to a woman murdered more than a decade earlier, Tanya Lee Glover.

Human remains were hidden in the double concrete basement wall of a residential complex in Alderley, a Brisbane suburb. In this wall there was a small, technical space to which there was no entrance. The body hidden there was discovered in December 2022 by a cleaning crew. Police said at the time that the body was “partially buried” and tightly wrapped in clothing and bedding.

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Body found in the wall

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On Thursday, Queensland Police’s Andrew Massingham said it took eight months to identify the woman, using her DNA and national databases to identify the woman. As it was finally determined, the body belonged to Tanya Lee Glover, born August 1, 1971, a woman who is visually impaired and hard of hearing. In 2006, she moved to Queensland.

Investigators emphasized that the cause of her death is treated as a murder, which could have occurred around 2009-2010. This means that Glover was 38-39 years old at the time of her death.

Tanya Lee GloverQueensland Police

The woman has not been reported missing

After identifying the woman, investigators contacted her family, who said Tanya Lee Glover had cut off contact with her parents earlier. The woman lived in isolation to such an extent that no one reported her missing. We don’t know if she was working at this time. Initial information indicates that she was very introverted, led a quiet life and was not active on social media, Massingham said.

He said the case was “disturbing and peculiar.” He stressed that the police do not yet know the motive why anyone would attack a defenseless, lonely woman and then dispose of her body in this way. It is not known whether the woman lived or visited the building where her body was found.

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Main photo source: Shutterstock/Queensland Police

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