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Australia. Lawsuit Against Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT. Brian Hood alleges defamation

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Brian Hood, the mayor of the Australian city of Hepburn Shire, announced that he would sue the company OpenAI responsible for creating an artificial intelligence model. The GPT chat allegedly defamed him by accusing him of being involved in a bribery scandal that Hood actually allowed to expose.

The case of Brian Hood, the Australian mayor of the small town of Hepburn Shire, 120 km from Melbourne, was reported on Thursday by the British “Guardian”. The politician learned from the local community that the GPT artificial intelligence available in the form of a chat falsely indicates him as the culprit in the bribery scandal at the Reserve Bank Of Australia. Hood was working for the bank’s subsidiary Note Printing Australia at the time, but he was the person who alerted the relevant authorities to these irregularities and allowed the scandal to be exposed.

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Brian Hood has never been charged with a crime, as his lawyers have emphasized. Therefore, on March 21, they sent a letter to OpenAI, in which they gave it 28 days to correct incorrect information provided by artificial intelligence. They threatened to sue for defamation if this did not happen. The organization has so far not responded to the mayor’s lawyers.

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If a lawsuit is filed against OpenAI, it will likely be the first to be filed for “statements” made by artificial intelligence. “This would be a potentially watershed moment in the sense that defamation laws would apply to new areas: artificial intelligence and publishing in the IT space,” lawyer James Naughton told Reuters.

– Hood did not know the exact number of people who had access to false information about him, which is an indicator of the size of the payout, but the nature of the defamatory claims was serious enough to demand more than A$200,000 (equivalent to approximately A$570,000) PLN – ed.) – added Naughton.

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