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Blood banks are appealing before the long weekend. “We invite all donors”

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Blood donation centers appeal to donate blood before the long May weekend. The more days off from work, the greater the risk that this invaluable medicine may be missing. Blood supplies are already slowly running out in some regions of Poland. To encourage blood donation, seedlings were distributed in Białystok, and in Poznań, blood could be donated at the Bus Station.

“Seedling for Life” is a joint campaign of foresters and the Regional Blood Donation Center in Białystok. – By donating blood, a blood donor gives someone a new life. The seedling is such a beautiful symbol of this new life – says Dr. Hab. medical sciences, Piotr Marek Radziwon.

– Blood cannot be produced in any other way, so we are trying to support the center and express our appreciation to blood donors in this way – adds Cezary Świstak, deputy director of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok.

There were shrubs and tree seedlings to choose from. These include spruce, linden and quince. – Today's spruce with Christmas in mind – says Anna, a blood donor, about her choice. – There will be an opportunity to plant it at home, in the town, so I hope that this seedling will be a nice souvenir – says Mateusz, another blood donor.

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One seedling is like three lives saved, because so many patients can benefit from blood collected from one donor. – There is no need to encourage people to donate blood, but I think this addition is nice – says Piotr, a blood donor.

One seedling is like three lives saved

On Thursday, foresters in Podlasie handed out almost 800 such gifts. This is how many people donated blood in Białystok and local branches. – If these actions took place every day, many of our donors from Podlasie would have their own private forests – notes Radziwon.

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– By using this campaign, helping people, we also try to help nature in some way – says Świstak. It's not the first time they've helped. In winter, foresters distributed spruce trees to blood donors. – While the “Christmas tree for life” campaign, which has already taken place three times, is a nationwide campaign, the “seedling for life” campaign is a regional one – informs Świstak. – I also received a tree to plant and it is already growing in the garden, very nice – says Łukasz, a blood donor, about the campaign.

There was no shortage of people willing to share this priceless medicine, but unfortunately not everywhere is so interested. – We have about 60 donations per thousand inhabitants, which is approximately twice the national average, so Podlasie is number one in our country – says Radziwon.

Blood banks appeal

There is a shortage of blood in many places in Poland. Most often, the problem is the availability of the 0 Rh- group. – There are a lot of days off and donors will not donate blood then, and we know that during such periods there are many accidents where blood may be needed, unfortunately. We would like to invite you to come to us before the May weekend, says doctor Antończyk from the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Wrocław.

– We invite all donors, those who donate blood regularly and those who would like to start but cannot decide, so before the May weekend maybe it will be a good time – says Tomasz Hadas from the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Poznań.

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To make things easier, Poznań residents could donate blood at the Bus Station from the morning. Such a mobile blood donation center is in a different area of ​​the city every day. – Everyone is simply busy, so this formula works very well and we are in many places throughout Greater Poland. Monday and Tuesday are good days to look for us on the bus or come to the blood donation center – says Hadas. Only healthy people aged 18 to 65 can donate blood. It doesn't hurt and costs nothing, and it only takes a few minutes – say those who have already made a habit of donating blood. – Since 1989 (I am a donor – editor's note). Over 25 liters, I recommend it to everyone, I encourage everyone – appeals Anna, a blood donor. – Because at any moment in our lives we may need this blood – adds Mateusz, a blood donor.

Author:Marta Kolbus

Main photo source: TVN24

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