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Brands. Moose at the crossroads. Recording

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On Kontakt 24 we received a recording of a moose walking along the street in Marki. The animal walks past the cars and is lost.

The moose was recorded on Sunday by a driver who was driving through the intersection on Sportowa Street. The recording lasts several seconds. However, it is clear that the animal is quite young and lost. The moose glances at the cars passing by, calmly passes the pedestrian crossing, enters the sidewalk and then heads towards the bus stop.

They have no natural enemies

Why are there moose on the streets? This was explained in October last year by Andżelika Gackowska, deputy director for forest management of the City Forests. As she admitted, there are more and more of these animals in Poland. She explained that “it is a species subject to a moratorium, i.e. excluded from hunting.” In Poland, moose have no natural enemies, which means that few individuals fall prey to, for example, predators. – Wolves can hunt young individuals, of course, if they can handle the trap – said Gackowska at the time. She added that the lack of natural enemies translates into their somewhat “nonchalant” behavior towards humans.

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You can find moose quite easily in Polish forests. – A characteristic feature that appears in the descriptions of such an encounter is that the moose stood and watched, that it could be observed, and that it did not show any concern. This results from the way moose behave – she said. Why? – Moose know that we are not a complete threat to them, but we should not be fooled, because there are cases when these animals become dangerous to humans and may attack if they think we are a threat to them – added the specialist.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: PooL/ Kontakt 24

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