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Chabówka. Car against traffic on Zakopane. Recording

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At Kontakt 24, we received a video showing a passenger car driving against traffic on the Zakopane road. According to the author of the film, the incident took place in the town of Chabówka on a dual carriageway section of the route.

Mr. Filip, who sent us the recording on Contact 24, reported that he was driving from Nowy Targ towards Rabka Zdrój. “In the town of Chabówka, on a dual carriageway, I passed a car driving against the flow. It was a really dangerous situation that could have ended tragically,” emphasized the author of the film.

He added that the person behind the wheel of the car going against traffic showed “extreme irresponsibility”:

“The recording shows that the cars in front had to escape to the right lane,” noted Mr. Filip.

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You see? React!

The police appeal to the authorities to report all information regarding people driving against traffic – especially on expressways.

– Someone's life may depend on our vigilance and speed of action. If you see a threat, you should immediately call the emergency number 112 and provide all the necessary information: where you passed the vehicle causing the threat and in which direction it is moving. The dispatcher will provide information to the services, which will do everything to stop the dangerous driving of the irresponsible driver as quickly as possible – says Junior Asp. Jadwiga Czyż from the Łódź traffic police.

An ineffective, long-term struggle

In turn, Kamil Wnukowski from the Łódź road police says that for years there has been an ongoing fight against drivers who enter wrong-way roads – including fast lanes.

– Unfortunately, neither appeals nor additional signs warning against driving against the flow, which road managers place at junctions, are of any help – says Wnukowski.

He emphasizes that the police deprive those who commit such serious offenses of their driving licenses and take their cases to court.

Main photo source: Kontakt24/Filip

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