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Cold Zośka. Frosts in Poland. Should you take plants off the balcony?

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There are a few colder nights ahead of us, which may be a cause for concern for ornamental plant lovers. According to forecasts, the air temperature may drop below zero in some places. We asked Julita Rabiza-Świder, PhD, from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, about how to protect plants against frost.

After a warm and sunny May weekend, it's time to cool down. Already on Monday, thermometers in many parts of the country showed well below 20 degrees Celsius. Cooler weather will also accompany us at night.

When will the temperature drop the most?

As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Damian Zdonek explained, on the night from Monday to Tuesday the minimum temperature will range from approximately 5-7 degrees Celsius in northern Poland, through 8-9 degrees C in the central regions, to 11-12 degrees C in the southeast. country. Although thermometers may locally show 4 degrees Celsius, due to heavy cloud cover the temperature will not drop below zero.

Wednesday night will be slightly cooler. Then, in the northern voivodeships, values ​​of the order of 0-2 degrees C are expected. In the center of the country it is expected to be about 4-6 degrees C, and in the south – 6-10 degrees C. The forecaster emphasized that clear weather and runoff are expected at night. cold air from Scandinavia, so local frosts are forecast in Pomerania, Kujawy, Warmia and Mazury. On thermometers we will see a minimum of -2 degrees C, and at the ground even up to -4 degrees C.

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Cold air will also remain on the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Thermometers in the north and partly in the center of Poland will show 1-3 degrees Celsius, so ground frost will occur. Higher temperatures are forecast in the southern and western regions, where values ​​of 4-8 degrees Celsius are expected.

The next nights will be warmer, with no risk of frost.

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How to protect plants on the balcony

In an interview with tvnmeteo.pl, Dr. hab. Julita Rabiza-Świder, professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) from the Independent Department of Ornamental Plants at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, said that the night from Monday to Tuesday will not pose a threat to balcony plants. On Wednesday, the risk will be slightly greater, especially in the case of plants decorating our terraces and those located closer to the ground.

Some plant species may be sensitive to the night cold, e.g. potato plant – a plant that is gaining more and more fans, producing beautiful, large leaves and hanging shoots. The expert added that low temperature may also pose a danger to freshly planted plants previously grown in the greenhouse.

To protect plants from the cold, it is not always necessary to take them from the balcony, especially on higher floors. Just cover them with agrotextile or move the pots or boxes against the wall and place them closer to each other, which will provide them with sufficient protection. Only in areas at risk of negative temperatures is it worth hiding plants growing near the ground, especially when they are planted in pots.

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