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Columbia. Bogota. The family lives with 29 cows in the house

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In Bogota, the capital of Colombia, a family with over 20 cows lives in a house. The conditions in which they are kept leave much to be desired. Local authorities and animal rights organizations became interested in the case.

In the San Cristobal district on the outskirts of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, there lives a family that keeps several dozen cows at home.

According to the owner of the cattle, Domingo Lopez, the animals sleep in the house all night long. The man is afraid that if he stays outside, they could be stolen.

Local media report that the family has been living like this for several decades. This is how he keeps his cows because he makes a living from milk and cheese production. Unfortunately, the situation of animals leaves much to be desired. Hygienic conditions are poor. Local authorities became interested in this.

One month to resolve the situation

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Representatives of animal rights organizations, district authorities, police and veterinarians arrived at the site to assess the health of the cows. The inspection showed that of the 29 animals kept, four were diagnosed with diseases and were therefore taken to another place.

It wasn't easy, but after several discussions, officials and the family reached an agreement. The owners have one month to sell the remaining animals or move them to another place. Until a way out of this situation is found, the cows and the Lopezes will live together.

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