Elections 2023. Jarosław Kaczyński in Białystok: fraud is currently taking place on a huge scale


A divided society is a weaker society and various messages can be sent to it, it can be deceived. At the moment, this fraud is ongoing on a huge scale – said on Saturday in Białystok the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, accusing the leader of the Civic Coalition, Donald Tusk, of wanting to divide the country into “Poland A and Poland B”, but also “metrically and socially”.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski took part in the Law and Justice convention in Białystok on Saturday. He assessed that we were dealing with a special situation in which there were two camps. – On the one hand, there is our patriotic camp, and on the other, there is a very special enemy who says various things, but has features that Poland should be afraid of. This means that she should be afraid of their rule and their possible victory, Kaczyński said.

– Let me start with a danger that is talked about less often, but now that the elections are very close, we need to talk about it more and more often. They aspire to power, but if we look at their possible government – God forbid – it would consist of at least 11 parties – said the president. PIS.

PiS convention in Białystok PAP/Artur Reszko

Because – as he said – “if you look at the Civic Coalition, there is PO, there is Nowoczesna, there is Polish Initiative and there are Greens – so four parties. If you look at PSL and Poland 2050 are two parties, but there are also two smaller, mini-parties – the Union of European Democrats and the Center for Poland, once Biernacki’s conservatives. And if you look at the Left, we have the New Left, we have Razem, we have the Labor Union, we have PPS, and we have SDPL, so in short we have five parties. Total 11, if you give away these two little ones it’s 13. – Where there are six cooks, there is nothing to eat – said the PiS president.

– It will be a constant quarrel, it will be a clash of groups, it will be a clash of individuals, it will be a chorus of ambitions, because in some of these parties there are two bosses, because they are so ambitious that they are unable to appoint one – said Kaczyński. According to him, “if they all come together and want to govern, even if they had good intentions and good programs, and they have neither good intentions nor good programs, it would be really disastrous and bad.”

PiS president: every vote for the opposition is a vote for Donald Tusk

Kaczyński said during the convention in Białystok that “today Poland needs a government that is stable and can cope with crises.” – Only the government of Law and Justice can be such a government, only it has such features and such experience. It has just been checked, Kaczyński said.

He said that this government “will be willing and able to cooperate with the president and other state institutions that are outside the government, independent of the government, just like in any democratic system.”

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He also referred to the Confederation. – It is true that she claims that she would not want such an alliance, maybe some technical government, but it is simply a combination of “water and fire” – said Kaczyński. – Every vote for the opposition, including the Confederation, is in fact a vote for Donald Tuskas prime minister, Kaczyński said.

PiS president: the head of PO returns to restore the “Tusk system”

Jarosław Kaczyński continued his statement about Donald Tusk. – You have to ask yourself why Donald Tusk is returning to Poland. I said at our party’s convention that there is such a thing as Tusk’s system. In short, he is coming back to restore this system, he said.

The PiS president explained that “the first point of this restoration is that decisions in Poland should be made outside our country – Brussels, but in fact it is Berlin, and maybe Moscow, when this war somehow ends, because Germany wants to return to these old relations with Moscow. – This is the most basic, elementary issue for which he comes back – added Kaczyński.

As he assessed, “the second one follows directly from it: we have to give up reparations.” – Well, giving up reparations means not only giving up the large sums we are owed, but also our dignity. Because they pay everyone: African countries for cases from before World War I, from the 19th century, the French stopped paying compensation for World War I only a few years ago, after many decades. And not for Poles – just some scraps. It was laughable compared to what was happening in Poland, he said.

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– Of course, this return must also mean a compromise with those on whom it was previously based and allowed Poland to plunder Polish public finances. We need to return to the VAT mafias, other mafias, and this great, great looting. This will be a blow to the state’s capabilities, said Jarosław Kaczyński.

PiS president: the opposition wants to quarrel Poland with the USA

As Kaczyński said, “according to Donald Tusk, the government elected by those in mohair berets is invalid.” – Recently he has also invalidated various things because the choices were not made by those to whom he grants rights – he said. – Only those who support him have rights – said the PiS leader.

He said that the head of PO wants to divide the country into “Poland A and Poland B”, but also “in terms of records and socially”. – There are many more divisions that could be mentioned. A divided society is a weaker society and various messages can be sent to it, it can be deceived. At the moment, this fraud is ongoing on a huge scale, Kaczyński said. – Their entire political operation (…) is based on a gigantic lie, on describing reality completely differently than it really is – he continued.

As he pointed out, this leads to the statement “what are the stakes of these elections.” – First of all, it is a matter of where decisions will be made. Will it be that they will be strong Germany and a strong Moscow in Poland, or a strong Poland in Europe – said Kaczyński.

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The second stake, as he said, is “whether we will be safe.” – Our slogan is a safe future for Poles. A safe future for Poles, that is, first of all, the future in international relations, which in one case have taken the worst form. There may be many more such cases, because Russia has huge imperial ambitions. It’s simply about war, he explained. – Of course, if you want peace, prepare for war. We must be strong, very strong, emphasized the PiS leader.

PiS convention in Białystok PAP/Artur Reszko

PiS president: if the opposition wins, we will have Poland of unemployment

One of the topics discussed by the PiS leader was economic policy “which limits and eliminates unemployment as a broader social phenomenon, which leads to constant, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, as is the case in market economics, growth.” – And this even during crises – he noted.

The president of Law and Justice said that if the opposition wins, “we will have a Poland of unemployment, a Poland where life will be worse, except perhaps for a narrow group, except for narrow, in quotation marks, elites.”

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– All the achievements of the last eight years, as well as everything we have achieved before, because I am not saying that we have not achieved anything at all before, will all be reversed. This concept that Tusk represents is just such a concept. And that is why such a Poland will not be friendly to people. And this is also a matter of interests and opportunities, but also a matter of ideology. Because some people today preach it quite directly. Those who can cope can do well, while others have a hard time – they can’t cope – said Jarosław Kaczyński.

PiS convention in Białystok PAP/Artur Reszko

Main photo source: PAP/Artur Reszko

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