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First Holy Communion 2024. How much to give in an envelope?

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How much should you put in the envelope for your First Holy Communion? This question has been asked by Poles for years at the turn of April and May, when young members of their families receive the sacrament. The answer is “it depends”, among other things, on the degree of our relationship with the child. Parents, godparents, grandparents or uncles – in each of these cases the amounts may be slightly different.

As every year, children all over Poland began to receive their First Holy Communion. On this occasion, they often receive gifts to commemorate this day – a symbolic entry into the fold of active members of the Catholic Church.

Of course, not everyone gives a child a gift, often an envelope with cash appears instead. The basic answer to the question “how much to give” should be “as much as we can afford so as not to harm our household budget.” At the same time, however, the amounts increase with the degree of relationship with the child.

First Holy Communion – how much should you put in the envelope?

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Expectations towards ordinary guests, extended family and close friends should not be high. It is assumed that it is “inappropriate” to give less than PLN 100, but rather an amount around PLN 200-300.

Some people believe in offering the highest denomination banknote in the envelope, i.e. PLN 500. Although of course there is no limit.

First communion and money from godparents

The godparent often takes on the “obligation” in the form of a specific gift.

However, if we do not have an idea for it and just want to donate cash, in the case of this degree of affinity, the donation ranges from PLN 500 to PLN 1,500.

First communion. How much from grandparents

Grandparents, close aunts and uncles often give children more than ordinary guests, but less than godparents. It is generally accepted that people with this degree of relationship donate PLN 300 to PLN 500 in an envelope for a ten-year-old. Although there are also higher amounts.

It is not always appropriate to donate money

Before we decide how much money to put in the envelope for the first Holy Communion, it is worth asking the parents whether such a gift will be well received by them and the child. Perhaps they want to focus on the spiritual dimension of this holiday and limit its financial dimension.

It's similar with smaller gifts – it's better to ask in advance than to give your child another cross on a gold chain or a third version of the Children's Bible.

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