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Five things worth knowing on December 25

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Two ambulances collided in the center of Krakow. There was a shooting in Eufeminów near Łódź. It was Christmas Eve. A Russian nuclear-powered ship caught fire. Antoni Macierewicz at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency. Here are five things to know on December 25.

1. Collision of ambulances in Krakow

On Sunday, two ambulances collided in Krakow – junior captain Hubert Ciepły, press spokesman for the State Fire Service in Krakow, confirmed to us. One of them rolled over. The fire brigade reported two people injured, while the police reported one.

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Ambulance collision in Krakow. Footage from the sceneTVN24

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2. Shooting near Łódź

A shooting took place in the town of Eufeminów near Brzeziny (Łódź Voivodeship). – We initially assume that there was an argument between the 43-year-old and the 34-year-old, during which the older man fired shots at the younger man, then ran away about 100 meters, where his body with a gunshot wound was found – said Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the Łódź district prosecutor’s office. .

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Shooting in Eufeminów near Brzeziny.  Police details

Shooting in Eufeminów near Brzeziny. Police details TVN24

3. Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24. During the midnight mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pope said that “our heart is in Bethlehem this evening.” – The Prince of Peace is still rejected by the logic of war, with the roar of weapons, which even today does not allow him to find a place in the world, Francis added. He also pointed out that Christ who comes “does not overthrow injustice from above through force, but from below through love.” – He does not enter with unlimited power, but descends into our limitations. He does not avoid our weaknesses, but accepts them, he said.

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Christmas Eve celebrations for those in need were held in many places in Poland. Local government officials, charitable organizations, entrepreneurs and volunteers organized city Christmas Eve parties in many Polish cities. For those most in need, it is not only a matter of food, but also of interest and memory.

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Many cities organized Christmas Eve parties for those in need. "There is a wafer, the gospel is read, there are wishes and carols

Many cities organized Christmas Eve parties for those in need. “There is a wafer, the gospel is read, there are wishes and carolsKatarzyna Górniak/Fakty TVN

4. Fire on a Russian nuclear-powered ship

A fire broke out on Russia’s only nuclear-powered cargo ship but was quickly extinguished, authorities in Murmansk in the north-west announced on the night from Sunday to Monday. Russia.

“There were no casualties in the incident,” authorities assured on the Telegram channel. Earlier, they reported that the fire broke out in one of the cabins of the “Siewmorput” ship, which is also adapted to break ice. “Sievmorput”, which has been in operation since 1988, is one of the few nuclear-powered civilian ships in the world and the only such unit in Russia.

5. Macierewicz at the PAP headquarters

There has been a continuous protest at the Agency’s headquarters since last Wednesday PiS MPs, which they called parliamentary intervention. Parliamentarians consider it illegal choice the company’s current authorities, which the new management and supervisory board of PAP and the Ministry of Culture, whose head appointed the new authorities, do not agree with.

– This morning (Sunday – editor) a situation occurred which, in our opinion, not only exceeded all limits of what people staying in the PAP building call a parliamentary intervention, but also a violation of the law and a threat to the security and continuity of the Agency’s work – he emphasized PAP president Marek Błoński.

Marek Błoński, appointed president of PAP, surrounded by PiS MPs at the headquarters of the Polish Press AgencyPAP/Szymon Pulcyn

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According to him, PiS MP Antoni Macierewicz, who was staying on the ground floor of the PAP headquarters, physically blocked the entrance to the building for an employee of the PAP IT and telecommunications office, preventing the employee from changing the night duty.

Main photo source: Wojciech Sidorowicz

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