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Flats for sale. Taxes – zero PCC tax, how much will buyers of the first flat on the secondary market save? Calculations

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The tax on civil law transactions (PCC) when buying the first apartment on the secondary market will disappear on August 31. No tax means a reduction in transaction costs related to the purchase of an apartment by about a quarter – indicated Bartosz Turek, chief analyst at HRE Investment Trust. It can mean savings of up to several thousand zlotys.

The tax rates on civil law transactions depend on the type of civil law transactions performed, in the case of a real estate sale contract, it is 2%. The levy will be abolished for some buyers from August 31.

“Relief is due to those who they buy their first apartment or house. The case only applies to those who buy real estate on secondary marketbecause only there the PCC tax was collected” – explained Bartosz Turek.

As he noted, the new law also adds one exception for people who have a share in real estate, but not more than 50 percent. and for that it must be acquired by inheritance. “If we meet these requirements, we can also take advantage of the lack of PCC tax when buying the first apartment or house” – the analyst noted.

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Purchase of an apartment on the secondary market

Turek pointed out that in practice it is often the case that someone who buys their first apartment only during the transaction finds out that they will also have to incur a lot of additional costs (transaction and loan-related costs). “PCC is one of those unpleasant surprises, because it suddenly turns out that you have to spend another few thousand zlotys for tax” – he noted, thus noting that in a few weeks “the unpleasant surprise will disappear”.

The analyst’s estimates show that if we wanted to buy an average used studio apartment in a provincial capital, we would spend about PLN 5.7 thousand on the tax on civil law transactions. zloty. In cities such as Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Kielce, Łódź, Olsztyn or Zielona Góra, it would be about 4-5 thousand. PLN, but already in Gdańsk, Kraków or Warsaw it could be over PLN 7 or 8 thousand.

In the case of two-room flats, the average rate for voivodship cities increases to over 8,000. zloty. “Statistically speaking, we would spend the least on the described tax in Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Kielce, Łódź and Zielona Góra, where we would have to prepare for an expense exceeding PLN 6,000. On the other hand, about PLN 11-12,000 of tax would be collected from us by a notary in Warsaw , Krakow and Gdansk” – we read in the analysis.


Bartosz Turek pointed out that the list of those who follow the new regulations local governments may lose. “All because their income is the PCC tax charged by the notary at the time of the transaction. If people buying their first house or apartment do not pay this tax, it will not contribute to the municipal budget” – he explained.

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