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France. Emmanuelle Béart reveals that she was a victim of incest as a child. The film “Un Silence si bruyant”

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Emmanuelle Béart, French actress known, among others, from her appearance on “Mission: Impossible”, revealed in the documentary that she was a victim of incest as a child. In an interview for “Elle” magazine, she explained that she decided to talk about sexual violence she experienced as a child thanks to high-profile publications on this subject and the online #MetooInceste movement.

“Un Silence si bruyant” (So loud a silence) is a documentary film co-directed by Béart and Anastasia Mikova. Its premiere is scheduled for September 24. It tells the story of five characters – Béart herself, three other women and one man – who were victims of sexual violence at the hands of relatives as children. On Tuesday, a pre-premiere screening was organized at the headquarters of the M6 ​​television station, where the production will be shown. Although Béart was unable to attend the event in person, she sent its organizers a short video message, which was played during the event.

As Béart stated in the recording quoted by Le Devoir, initially she did not plan to speak out on the injustice that had happened to her in the past. – I wanted to create a space for others to speak, she admitted. However, “in the face of the honesty and courage” of the other characters of “Un Silence si bruyant”, she decided that she should also speak out. In the document, the star admitted that from the age of 10 to 14 she experienced sexual violence from a person related to her.

Emmanuelle Béart confessed that she was a victim of incest as a child

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Anastasia Mikova spoke during Tuesday’s show. The woman noted that Béart did not intend to make the identity of the perpetrator public for “family reasons.” – I don’t want to do it also because this is not the approach of the film – she added, quoted by Le Devoir Mikova. At the same time, the co-director of “Un Silence si bruyant” emphasized that the perpetrator of the violence Béart experienced was not her father, singer Guy Béart.

In her latest documentary, the “Mission: Impossible” star confessed that the person who saved her from incest was her grandmother. – She saved my skin. (…) She allowed me to escape from this man’s clutches. She took me away from the family circle and sent me to boarding school, says Béart in the content of the film, fragments of which were quoted by Le Monde.

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Emmanuelle BéartReynaud Julien/APS-Medias/Abaca/PAP/EPA

In an interview for “Ell”e magazine, the French actress emphasized that today she “does not feel like a victim” and her latest production “is not a film about victims.” – It’s a film about people who experienced violence and took up the fight. I believe I created my life, but ‘it’ never went away. ‘It’ never goes away, you can’t tear it away. You can run away as much as you want, you can create, become a mother, have a great job… – she explained. Béart also explained why she never reported her abuser to the police. “I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing that something like this had never happened,” she said.

Talking to the editor of “Elle”, Béart admitted that she was inspired to make the documentary by Christine Angot’s books on sexual violence in the family and the development of the #MetooInceste movement.

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#MetooInceste. The scale of incest in France

Over the past two years, we have seen the development of the #MetooInceste movement, in which victims of incest France started sharing their experiences on social media. Online users tag entries with the above hashtag describing stories of abuse they have experienced from family members and the trauma it has left on them.

Emmanuelle Béart’s speaking out on the incest case was publicly appreciated by Charlotte Caubel, the French Secretary of State for Children. “We must raise awareness of this scourge that continues to affect so many children,” she appealed. According to data from the French non-governmental organization Facing Incest, about 10 percent of French people have experienced incest in their lives. These data were collected during a study conducted on a group of 1,033 French adults over 18 years of age.

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Main photo source: Reynaud Julien/APS-Medias/Abaca/PAP/EPA

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