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Gasoline and diesel cars are banned in central Stockholm

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Stockholm has announced plans to become the first major capital to ban petrol and diesel cars from entering the city center to cut pollution and noise. From 2025, 20 blocks in central Stockholm, including the financial districts and main shopping districts, will be accessible exclusively to electric vehicles.

The Guardian reported that Stockholm announced plans to introduce a ban on petrol and diesel cars in the city center in order to reduce noise levels. Starting in 2025, parts of downtown Stockholm will be accessible exclusively to electric vehicles. The decision on a possible expansion of the zone will be made at the beginning of 2025.

– Currently, the air in Stockholm is causing babies to suffer from lung disease and the elderly to die prematurely. We must eliminate harmful exhaust fumes from cars with gasoline engines. That is why we are introducing a low emission zone, said Lars Stromgren, vice-president of the city for transport.

Stockholm model: petrol and diesel cars banned

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As noted by The Guardian, many cities have introduced or are currently implementing programs to combat air pollution, but Stockholm goes further than most. Paris, Athens and Madrid banned only diesel cars from driving in their city centres, and London introduced a charging system covering the most polluting internal combustion engines.

– Many cities have implemented low-emission zones where high-emission cars can drive after paying a fee, Stromgren said, quoted by Air Quality News. – The Stockholm model is far-reaching. Cars with petrol and diesel engines are banned, he noted.

– We chose an area where a large number of cyclists and pedestrians are exposed to polluted air every day. It is also a part of the city where there are forward-thinking companies that want to transform towards more sustainable exhaust emissions, he mentioned.

Exceptions: ambulances and police

The program is primarily aimed at allowing only fully electric cars, larger vans with plug-in hybrid engines will also be allowed, with exceptions made for ambulances and police cars, as well as cars in which the driver or passenger has a documented disability.

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