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Gdańsk: evacuation of the container terminal. There was a gas leak from the ship

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Gas began to leak from one of the containers on the Majestic Maersk ship at the container terminal in Gdańsk. On Wednesday evening, firefighters evacuated 19 people from the unit’s crew and terminal staff. There was probably a leak of 19 tons of nitrous oxide in the container.

Jacek Jakóbczyk, press officer of the City Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Gdańsk, said on Wednesday evening that after At 7:40 p.m., firefighters received a report of a gas leak from one of the containers on the ship. – It turned out that it was most likely nitrous oxide and it was in a container on the Majestic Maersk ship – he said.

– Due to this incident, we dispatched five units from the Gdańsk headquarters, a unit from the “Florian” port fire brigade and an additional four units from a specialized chemical rescue group from Gdynia, which are already on site. A total of ten teams are on site – added Jakóbczyk.

The Majestic Maersk crew and container terminal staff were evacuated following a gas leakFacebook/KM PSP Gdańsk

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Evacuation of the terminal in Gdańsk

The container from which the leak occurred probably contained 19 tons of nitrous oxide, a gas used in medicine and the chemical industry. Firefighters suspect that the valve or equipment was damaged.

– We evacuated 19 people: 13 from the ship and 6 from the terminal staff. Activities are ongoing on site. Nitrous oxide is not highly toxic. Apart from the designated safe zone, there is no threat to residents. We are currently trying to seal this leak, Jakóbczyk said on Wednesday.

Main photo source: Facebook/KM PSP Gdańsk

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