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Gdansk Orunia. They blew up the 65-metre chimney of the old Polmlek Maćkowy dairy. 90 sticks of dynamite were needed. Recording

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90 sticks of dynamite knocked down the over 60-meter-high chimney of a closed dairy in the Orunia district of Gdańsk. Our camera watched the sapper operation.

At. At 14:20 at Bartnicza Street in Gdańsk, the chimney of the Polmlek Maćkowy dairy was blown up. The plant has not been operating since 2017 – the only reminders of its dairy operations were the badly dilapidated buildings and the chimney towering over the area. The investor has other plans for this area and hired Explosive to demolish the chimney. It was she who planted 90 explosives in the base of the structure. They were placed in deep holes inside the walls of the chimney.

As the representatives of the company explain, the principle of such operations is similar to those when felling a tree. The idea is for the structure to change its center of gravity and lose its balance, and then tip over.

At the same time, the area was secured – although the danger zone for people related to fragments did not exceed 30 meters, but due to the height of the chimney, it was necessary to withdraw people to a minimum distance of 65 meters.

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The process went smoothly and the chimney collapsed as planned.

Main photo source: TVN24

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