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Germany. A burnt Russian tank in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin

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A destroyed Russian tank appeared in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin on Friday. The action, carried out on the first anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is intended to be an expression of German activists’ opposition to this aggression. Burnt Russian tanks also appeared in several other European capitals.

A destroyed Russian T-72 tank was placed in front of the embassy Russia in Berlin on the initiative of one of the Berlin museums. According to the organizers, it is to be a sign of opposition to the war started by Russia and an expression of solidarity the Germans with Ukraine.

Wieland Giebel, a co-initiator of the action, explained that the tank was parked here as a sign of the impending collapse of the Russian regime. “The whole world should see that there are many German citizens who support Ukraine,” he said. We want the war to end immediately. Putin can end this war at any time by withdrawing his troops from the country he invaded, he continued. – This tank is also a testimony to the defeat of the Russians, because it was destroyed on March 31, 2022 in the Battle of Kiev – he added. The destroyed car will stay here until the end of the weekend.

A destroyed Russian tank in front of the Russian Embassy in BerlinPAP/EPA – Filip Singer

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Russian tanks in European capitals

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, the destroyed Russian tanks, which are exhibits of the Military Museum in Kiev, also stood on Friday Latviain Estonia and Lithuania. Each country, including Germany, received one such exhibit.

In Vilnius, a destroyed Russian vehicle appeared on Friday at Cathedral Square. As Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anuszauskas stated, it is to be a thank you to the Ukrainians for actively supporting their country. – This wreck monster is a symbolic Ukrainian thank you to those who have actively supported and support Ukraine, and a reminder of the need to provide continued, consistent support – Anushauskas said.

Cafe Moscow changes its name

This is not the only initiative of this type organized on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On that day, the Berlin Cafe Moscow (Cafe Moskau) at Karl-Marx-Allee changed its name to Cafe Kijów (Cafe Kyiv). On Friday, there will also be a large demonstration against the Russian war in front of it.

In the times of the GDR, Cafe Moskva, located in former East Berlin, “was a popular (and infamous) meeting place, also for the Stasi people. After reunification, it became a place of conferences and parties” – reminds the portal of the “Bild” daily. Apart from the history and name, Cafe Moskva currently has no ties to Russia. However, due to the protection of monuments, the new name was approved only for the next four days – until February 27.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA – Filip Singer

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