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Investigators from several cities were looking for him, the cat betrayed him

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The police arrested a 25-year-old wanted by the courts and prosecutors. He was betrayed by the cat, which was staring intently at the darkened place under the stairs where the man was hiding.

The 25-year-old is suspected of numerous online scams on a popular sales website. He was sought by the courts in Łódź, Szczecin and Białystok, and the prosecutor’s offices in Warsaw, Białystok, Hrubieszów, Śrem and Dębica, which issued orders to establish his whereabouts for legal purposes and to bring him to court.

– He had to serve three prison terms for a total of 17 months – said Commissioner Paulina Onyszko of the Warsaw VI District Police Headquarters. – Criminals from the Praga Północ command determined the man’s probable whereabouts and went to the house in Legionowo. A conversation with the mother-in-law of the wanted man, who argued that the 25-year-old was not at home, confirmed the thesis of the criminals that the household members would not cooperate with them. The police officers, undeterred by the woman’s attitude, jumped over the fence, then knocked on the door and entered the house, the policewoman added.

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A certain role of the cat

There were three people and a cat in the house. – It was the behavior of the domestic pet that caught the attention of criminals. The cat stared intently at the darkened place under the stairs. The detectives checked it out. They tilted the thick blanket and found the 25-year-old wanted under it – informed com. Paulina Onyszko.

The man in handcuffs was taken to the police station and later taken to the detention center.

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