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War in Ukraine. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on “confrontation with NATO”. They point to Poland

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The statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs came in connection with the announcement that the Russian army would conduct exercises “to improve skills in using non-strategic nuclear weapons.” The text emphasizes that the army is taking actions that are a response to the declarations of the leaders of Western countriestalking about direct involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

“The president's statements France Emmanuel Macron about the possibility of sending French and other contingents to Ukraine NATO “I cannot help but be amazed by their irresponsibility and thoughtlessness,” it was noted.

“In addition, information appeared in the Western media that Some of the French Foreign Legion's mercenaries are already in Ukraine. It is difficult to perceive it as anything other than a manifestation of readiness and intention to engage in direct armed confrontation with Russiawhich would mean a direct military clash of nuclear powers,” it added.

In line with the Russian propaganda narrative, diplomats argue that the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance are pursuing an aggressive policy that forces the authorities of the Russian Federation to react due to the threat to the country's security. Examples include: “a series of steps on the French sideincluding military exercises and other events.

“These and other actions by NATO member states actually demonstrate that they are consciously leading the matter towards further escalation of the Ukrainian crisis (a propaganda term for the war in Ukraine – ed.) towards an open military clash between NATO countries and Russia,” it was emphasized.

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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on NATO's involvement in Ukraine. They point to Poland

In a text full of propaganda slogans there was plenty of room for Polish. In this case, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs linked the issue of supplying F-16 aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces with President Andrzej Duda's recent statements regarding the inclusion of our country in the “nuclear sharing” program.

“As the Russian side, we cannot ignore the fact that F-16 aircraft belong to platforms with dual equipment: non-nuclear and nuclear. For many years, aircraft of this type constituted the basis of the air fleet used in the so-called NATO joint nuclear missions (nuclear sharing – ed.) Regardless of the specific modification these planes will be delivered in, we will see them as carriers of nuclear weapons We will consider this step by the United States and NATO as a deliberate provocation” – indicated.

“In this regard, we pay special attention to the statements of the Polish leadership regarding the need to deploy American nuclear weapons on the territory of Poland was by Warsaw raised directly to Washington and on a practical level“- we read.

In the summary of the statement, the authors state that the Russian exercises are aimed at “cooling down hot heads in Western capitals” and will result in the cessation of assistance to the authorities in Kiev, which will consequently protect Europe from being “drawn into a direct armed confrontation with Russia.”

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