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Germany. Death of a Pole. The police fired shots

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On Wednesday evening at church of st. Rajnold in the center of Dortmund, Germany there was an argument between two people in crisis of homelessness. One of them was a 52-year-old Pole.

According to “Bild”, when the police arrived on the spot, the man – according to witnesses – he grabbed a 2.5-meter iron bar and start banging it on the church door.

Germany. The police reached for their weapons and the Pole was killed

According to reports, the officers allegedly called the Pole many times to throw away the rod, but the man ignored their commands. Finally, he was to attack the police with the weapon.

Initially, the officers used a stun gun on him, but it had no effect. The man continued to attack the policemen, so one of them decided to use his service weapon and shot the Pole.

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An ambulance was called to the scene immediately. The 52-year-old was taken to hospital. On Thursday, the media reported that doctors failed to save his life. The Pole who was shot died.

Germany. Thousands of people in a homelessness crisis

Last November Federal Homeless Assistance Working Group (BAG) informed that w Germany up to 607 thousand people live without a roof over their heads. About 50 thousand of them lived on the streets.

In 2023, the city hall estimated that in Dortmund people in crisis of homelessness there are 500 to 600 people. Some are Poles.

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