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Holidays 2023. Holidays in Croatia are getting more and more expensive. By how much have the prices of hotels, services and food increased

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Prices are rising in Croatia, one of the most popular holiday destinations for Poles. Not only inflation, but also cappuccino effect. After changing the currency from kuna to euro, service providers round up prices to make them visually more attractive. How much will we pay for meals, accommodation and tourist attractions during holidays in Croatia?

Croatia is in the top ten the most popular holiday destinations of Poles – results from last year’s report of the Polish Chamber of Tourism. According to the Croatian Tourist Board (CWT), the number of tourists from Poland in 2022 exceeded one million. This means that Poles are the fourth nationality most willing to come to Croatia right after GermansAustrians and Slovenes.

Croatia – food prices

One of the factors that may influence the decision to leave is the cost of the holiday. The prices of consumer goods and services in May 2023 increased in Croatia on an annual basis by 7.9 percent, according to the latest data from the Croatian Statistical Office (DZS). Last month, the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as restaurants and hotels increased the most (an increase of 15.1 percent). The price of bread, depending on the type and quality, currently ranges from EUR 1 to EUR 3 (between approx. PLN 4.5 and PLN 13), we will also pay approx. EUR 3 for a package of 10 eggs, and EUR 1.5 for a kilogram of apples – enumerates the portal croatia-tourism.com.

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Product prices may vary by location. While a coffee in an average cafe costs 1.5 euros, and 1.60 euros in the center of Orebic, which is popular with tourists (1.20 euros a year ago), in the center of Split we will pay 2 euros or more for it. In the historic part of Dubrovnik, it can cost more than 3 euros. The price of a pizza varies between 7 and 15 euros (PLN 31-67). We will pay over EUR 20 (PLN 89) for traditional specialties of local cuisine, such as grilled white fish.

Accommodation prices in Croatia

The N1 television portal compared offers on online services offering short-term rental of apartments. As he indicated, the cheapest apartments for a family of four in the town of Poreč on the Istrian peninsula in the northern part of the country will be rented for 10 days for a thousand euros. A 10-day stay in a hotel costs at least PLN 1.3 thousand. euro. The situation is different in Šibenik in central Dalmatia. A family of four will find accommodation here for 10 days from around 550 euros. Prices in hotels vary between 2.2 thousand. and 6.6 thous. euro. Popular with tourists, the island of Brač offers private accommodation for a family from a thousand euros, but visitors will also find those where a 10-day stay costs over 8,000. euro. Hotel prices on the island start from approx. PLN 2,000. euros for 10 days.

In 2022, over a million tourists from Poland visited CroatiaShutterstock

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The impact of the “cappuccino effect” on price changes

The increase in the prices of food, accommodation, services and attractions in Croatia is influenced not only by inflationbut also taxes and currency change from kuna to euro – indicates the Rankomat.pl portal, which, together with youtubers from the Prawdziwa Croatia channel, checked how prices are shaped in this country this season. The new currency is the cappuccino effect, whereby service providers round up prices to full amounts to visually “make” the price more attractive, but at the same time charge a larger amount. “For example, an entrance ticket that cost 70 kuna, or around 9.3 euros before the changeover, has been rounded up to full 10 euros,” the authors of the report point out.

Croatia, Stiniva beach on Vis island Shutterstock

According to youtubers from the Real Croatia channel, the cappuccino effect is particularly visible in the segment of tourist attractions. The entrance ticket to the Spanish Fortress located on the island of Hvar last year cost 70 kuna, i.e. 9.29 euros. Currently, the entrance to the fortress already costs 10 euros. There are more examples of the price equation going up: “Visiting the Mirabella Fortress in Omis in 2022 cost 20 kuna, i.e. 2.6 euros. Currently, the entrance to this attraction costs 3 euros. A year ago, a ferry trip to the island of Hvar from Drewnik cost 70 euros. kuna (EUR 9.29). Currently, the price has also been rounded to EUR 10” – we read in the Rankomat.pl communiqué.

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