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Israel. Donald Trump criticizes the war. “Netanyahu should end it”

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Donald Trump expressed his opinion on the war in Israel in a radio interview hosted by conservative columnist Hugh Hewitt.

When asked twice whether he “is with Israel 100 percent”, the former president did not answer clearly. He added that he would advise Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ended the warby “get her over with” i “return to normal”.

Israel. Donald Trump criticizes Tel-Aviv. “They publish the most shameful tapes”

– I'm not sure I love the way they do it, because they must achieve victory. You have to achieve victory, and it takes them a long time – said the former US president. – They need to finish what they started and do it quickly – added.

The Republican challenger in the race for the White House also said that “hates” Israel's approach in terms of image.

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– Every night they publish the most shameful, most terrible tapes of buildings collapsing. They shouldn't do this (…). For me, it doesn't make them look tough, he said, adding that Tel-Aviv “is losing the PR war”. – They are losing it badly – he emphasized.

Trump expressed similar opinions even before the attack on volunteers in Gaza in an interview with the Israeli newspaper “Israel Hayom”. He then said that “Only a fool would not behave like Israel” after the attacks Hamasubut he warned that Israel loses the world's support and he must end this war quickly.

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