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Joe Biden in Poland, Russia – Ukraine war. General Waldemar Skrzypczak comments

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There will be no effective aid to Ukraine if there is no unity among the governments of the West. Joe Biden strives to make this more effective, said General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of the Land Forces, on TVN24. In his opinion, the visit of the American president to Poland “should be a breakthrough” in this matter.

General Waldemar Skrzypczak on TVN24 spoke about the situation on the front in Ukraine. – In my opinion, the Russians are currently preparing for the offensive, they are looking for vulnerable, weaker places in the defense of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army defends itself effectively, the Russians cannot break the defense to develop an offensive operation, he said.

According to the former commander of the Land Forces, “these are preparations for the offensive and this process is ongoing – the Russians are bringing new forces to the front, but there is no progress.”

– The Russians were not prepared to face such a well-prepared Ukrainian army. In fact, the beginning of the war showed that the Russian army is not as efficient as it was declared by the Russian media, and Putin preached to the world. This army actually suffered a series of defeats in the summer of last year and this disproved the myth of the Russian army – said the TVN24 guest.

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– At the moment, after mobilization, the Russians are recreating their combat capabilities, they want to take over eastern Ukraine after redefining their strategic goals. The Russians are trying all the time, but they fail, which discredits the Russian army,” he said.

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“This visit should be groundbreaking”

Skrzypczak also commented on the visit of the US president scheduled for February 20-22 Joe Biden in Poland. – The West declares a lot, promises a lot, there are political disputes, and what the Ukrainian army expects does not reach the Ukrainian front. This process is very slow, drip-like. It seems that Biden’s visit to Poland may, I hope, change the picture of the situation and cause greater effectiveness in Western governments to transfer offensive weapons to Ukraine, he said.


He added that “so far, the narrative of Western Europe has been to give Ukraine defensive weapons, but this is not enough for Ukraine to win this war.” – Biden, of course, will bring another aid package for the Ukrainian army. In addition, Biden seeks to make Western governments more effective. But there will be no such effectiveness if there is no unity and there will be political disputes and auctions around the topic of support for Ukraine all the time – said the TVN24 guest.

The general assessed that “this visit should be a breakthrough and ultimately unite the support of Ukraine by the countries of Western Europe.”


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