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Judge Tomasz Szmydt fled to Belarus. Jarosław Kaczyński comments

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Unfortunately, clairvoyance is not given to Zbigniew Ziobro, nor to me, although I had nothing to do with it, said PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński when asked by journalists in the parliamentary corridor about Tomasz Szmydt. The judge who announced on Monday that he wanted asylum in Belarus, worked, among others, in the so-called neo-KRS, and was also one of the heroes of the hate scandal.

The BiełTA news agency published on Monday a report from a press conference in which Tomasz Szmydt, a judge of the Provincial Administrative Court – involved in a hate scandal that aimed to slander judges opposed to the judicial reforms introduced by the United Right – announced that he was asking the Belarusian authorities for asylum .

The Internal Security Agency initiated inspection activities to verify the scope of classified information to which Szmydt had access as a judge of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw in connection with his function and the cases he conducted. The National Prosecutor's Office conducts investigations into espionage.

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Kaczyński about Szmydt

Journalists asked about the matter in the parliamentary corridor on Wednesday Jarosław Kaczyński. When asked who was responsible for the fact that such a person was even close to the “reform” of the justice system, the PiS president said that “all those who opposed the radical revolution in the early 1990s are responsible.”

To the comment that “Szmydt was a judge promoted by Zbigniew Ziobro” and “someone let this man into the National Council of the Judiciary”, Kaczyński replied that “he was later admitted elsewhere and it is known on which side he fought.” – And besides, unfortunately, clairvoyance is not given to Minister Ziobro, nor to me, although I had nothing to do with it – he added.

– For example, it was necessary to build completely new special services, but this was not done – he said.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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