Justice Fund scandal. Bartosz Arłukowicz and Krzysztof Szczucki comment


I have the impression that this is really only the beginning of a thorough explanation of difficult topics – said Bartosz Arłukowicz (KO) in “Fakty po Faktach”, referring to the prosecutor's office's activities in connection with the spending of the Justice Fund. – The court decides whether there is a scandal or not in a final judgment – said Krzysztof Szczucki (PiS).

The court imposed arrest on three people in connection with the activities of the Justice Fund, including priest Michał O., president of the Profeto Foundation. His defense attorney announced that he would appeal against this decision. The content of the allegations in the priest's case concerns, among others, abuse of powers, certifying untruths, and causing property damage.

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Arłukowicz: stop scribbling, PiS guys

The case was commented on by the guests of “Fakty po Faktach”. – Stop scribbling, PiS guys. Boys Do not Cry. It was worth thinking how you, I don't want to say, took away this money in the Justice Fund, because there is no evidence yet, but what did you do with this money in the Justice Fund, so now is not the time to cry – said Bartosz Arłukowicz (KO).

Bartosz Arłukowicz and Krzysztof Szczucki in “Fakty po Faktach” TVN24

– I'm watching Minister Ziobro, who mysteriously found himself and started speaking, but he denies everything. Therefore, I am not surprised at the nerves of Patryk Jaki and his colleagues from the ministry who signed various documents. Now Ziobro says: it wasn't me, it was them, the boys did it, not me. No, no, no, Mr. Ziobro. Justice will also come for you, because you played your role in all this – added the Civic Coalition politician.

As he said, “he has the impression that this is really just an introduction to a thorough explanation of difficult topics.” – The Justice Fund is one fund. Next to NCBR, we have Black Hawks, we have a few other things that will be explained, including Pegasus – he said.

Szczucki: prosecutors don't pass sentences, only courts do

Krzysztof Szczucki (PiS) stated that “the court determines whether there is a scandal or not in a final judgment.” – We have no resolution. Attorney (Krzysztof) Wąsowski said today, who represents the arrested priest, that he did not have access to the files. He received this access half an hour before the court hearing that decided on the arrest, he added.

As he assessed, “this was how political processes were handled in the 1980s, not in a democratic state in the 21st century.” Referring to the charges, he said that “prosecutors do not pass sentences, only the courts do.” Speaking about the court's arrest of three people, he said that “there will be a complaint, we will see how the courts will further address this situation.”

– Arrest does not determine whether someone is guilty or not. In 90 percent of cases, when requests for arrest are submitted, they are accepted, but this does not necessarily translate into the court's decision – he added.

“A very short question” by Arłukowicz

Arłukowicz turned to Szczucki with a “very short question.” – Do you hear the steady clatter of footsteps, marches, parades? Can't you hear? – he said. – I can hear. Law and justice follow these steps, he added.

– After all, they divided the country. Some received the Justice Fund, the so-called “Ziobrists”. Others received – “Bielanowiec” – NCBR. All this will now be explained by the prosecutor's office, he said. – Do we really want to assume that President Kaczyński was sitting in his house and didn't know what those guys were doing in his yard? – He was asking.

– This was about a lot of money that they transferred to friends' foundations, associations, brothers-in-law and neighbors in order to finance their political parties, their conventions and other things – he said.

Szczucki: They took a terminally ill man out of a hospital bed

As Szczucki said, referring to the Justice Fund case, “no documents have yet reached the public that would indicate that there has been a violation of the law.” – You may like the results of such a competition more or less, or you may not like them, but that does not mean that something is a crime – he continued.

He added that “various other people were also in custody, including from your side, others probably should have been, but that doesn't mean anything.” Speaking about Zbigniew Ziobro, a cancer patient who died due to the actions of the prosecutor's office he appeared in public for the first time in monthsstated that “they took a terminally ill man out of a hospital bed.”

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