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Justice Fund scandal, documents in Zbigniew Ziobro's house. Michał Wójcik comments

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Zbigniew Ziobro did not have the opportunity to hand over the documents to his successor – said the representative of Sovereign Poland, former deputy minister of justice Michał Wójcik, in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He explained that it was related to Ziobro's disease. He referred to the fact that investigators found documents regarding the death of his father in the former minister's house.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, at the request of prosecutors from the Justice Fund investigative team, searches were carried out in various places throughout the country. Their purpose is to secure evidence, including documentation regarding the fund. Services appeared, among others: in Zbigniew Ziobro's house. The spokesman for the National Prosecutor's Office, prosecutor Przemysław Nowak, announced that five people were charged on Tuesday and Wednesday, and two more were previously charged. On Thursday, the court applied arrest of three people, including priest Michał O., president of the Profeto Foundation.

The prosecutor's office also said that the material collected on Tuesday and Wednesday will be analyzed with a view to lifting the immunity of politicians.

Prosecutor's office: the material will be analyzed with a view to lifting the immunity of politicians

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Wójcik: this is a brutal attack on Sovereign Poland

The case was commented on in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 by the representative of Sovereign Poland, former deputy minister of justice, Michał Wójcik. – I know the two ladies who were arrested today. This is the destruction of their lives. I saw them being conducted surrounded by officers. (These are – ed.) women about whom I can say that I have never seen them do anything wrong, he said.

– The priest didn't do anything. I believe that one day there will come a time when he will be acquitted. But today, these people's lives have fallen apart. And I stand on the side of these people, he added.

According to Wójcik, “today is a brutal attack on the entire political environment of Sovereign Poland, exceeding all permitted limits.” He also stated that the motive for action in this matter is “revenge” on the part of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Wójcik about why the documents were in Ziobro's house

The TVN24 guest was also asked about the information provided by the prosecutor's office that in Ziobro's house investigators found the original supervision file of preparatory proceedings files regarding the case of his father's death.

Documents that “no one should take out” in Ziobro's house. “He thought he could do anything”

– After all, he was the prosecutor general. The prosecutor general supervises the entire prosecutor's office, the entire institution. Do you think that Mr. Bodnar is just sitting in the ministry? – he turned to the presenter.

Wójcik argued that after Ziobro ceased to be the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General, he “was unable to provide these documents” because he was diagnosed with cancer and was in hospital. – It wasn't even possible to donate some of the things – he added.

The presenter recalled that after Ziobro stopped performing the above-mentioned functions, he still appeared in public for some time, including in the Sejm. – I know that as prosecutor general he had the right to review various types of files. And I know that it was not possible to transfer these documents to his successor, Wójcik continued.

To the presenter's next comment that Ziobro finished his function before he was hospitalized, the Sovereign Poland politician once again replied: – To my knowledge, it was not possible to transfer (these documents – ed.).

Main photo source: TVN24

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