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Las Vegas. Cardi B threw a microphone at the audience. There is a police report

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Las Vegas police have received a report of an assault by Cardi B. The injured woman claims that she was hit with a microphone that the rapper threw at the audience during the concert. Earlier, the singer was doused with a drink by a person standing in one of the first rows.

The situation took place on July 29, during a Cardi B concert in Las Vegas. The rapper was performing her hit “Bodak Yellow” when a woman standing near the stage poured her drink from a paper cup. Upset, Cardi B hurled a microphone towards the attacker. The footage shows that one of the people may have been hit.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said the day after the concert, an unnamed woman reported being assaulted by the rapper. In a document handed over to the officers, she explained that she “was hit by an object thrown from the stage” during a Saturday concert. It is not clear if the reporter is the woman who previously poured a drink on Cardi B.

Police noted that so far no one has been arrested in connection with the incident that occurred during the performance of the 30-year-old rapper in Las Vegas. Cardi B’s representatives have not yet responded to media requests for comment on the matter

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Meanwhile, social media is conquering the recordings on which the whole situation was recorded. One such video on TikTok already has over six million views. Most of the Internet users commenting on the recordings take Cardi’s side, criticizing the thoughtlessness of throwing various objects at the performers, which has been happening more and more often lately.

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Thrown at Harry Styles and Pink

In recent months, there have been regular situations where various things have been flying towards the stars appearing on the website. On July 9, during the Harry Styles concert in Vienna one fan threw an unspecified object towards the stagewhich hit the singer in the eye. The situation was recorded on video. It shows how the star winces in pain and covers his face with his hands.

Less than a month ago, rapper Drake was hit in the shoulder by a phone thrown by one of the concert attendees in Chicago. Earlier, Pink stopped performing after a sack filled with human ashes was thrown at her. It was the most serious an incident that happened during one of Bebe Rexha’s concerts in June. The singer hit her face with the phone so hard that she was hospitalized, where she had three stitches.

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