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Łódź. They agreed to buy the console, when its owner refused to check the equipment, the 21-year-old pulled out a knife

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Police officers from Łódź detained a 21- and 17-year-old suspected of robbing an 18-year-old. One of the perpetrators stole a game console by threatening him with a knife. The 21-year-old was temporarily arrested.

The incident took place on November 5. The men arranged a meeting in connection with the 18-year-old’s announcement about the sale of a game console. – The 21-year-old came to the indicated place with his 17-year-old friend. Under the pretext of checking the equipment, they asked the 18-year-old to go with them to one of the nearby apartments – says aspirant Kamila Sowińska from the Łódź police. – When the seller resisted, the older of the perpetrators pulled out a knife that he had previously received from his companion. The scared 18-year-old gave the console to the attacker, says a policewoman

The 21-year-old was imprisoned for two monthsKM Police in Łódź

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The perpetrators were arrested. One of them was arrested

– Police officers patrolling Limanowskiego Street in Łódź noticed the older of the attackers at the tram stop. The man did not hide his surprise when he saw the criminals standing in front of him. Additionally, during a search of the 21-year-old’s clothes, the police found bundles of amphetamine and marijuana – informs the spokesman for the Police Department in Łódź. He adds that the officers went to the apartment in the Bałuty district where the second perpetrator was staying. – During a search of the apartment, the clothes the 17-year-old was wearing during the robbery were found. Seeing that the truth had come to light, the suspect admitted to participating in the criminal activity, reports Sowińska.

The 21-year-old was imprisoned for two monthsKM Police in Łódź

The men were charged with robbery. The older of them will also be charged with drug possession. At the request of the Łódź Bałuty District Prosecutor’s Office, the 21-year-old was arrested for two months. The 17-year-old was placed under police supervision.

Main photo source: KM Police in Łódź

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