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Lublin. Evacuation after finding unexploded ordnance. People have to leave their homes

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On Friday, the evacuation of nearly 14,000 people who live in the vicinity of the unexploded ordnance found at Wrońska Street in Lublin will be carried out. Between 7 and 11, residents are to leave their apartments and go to the collection points.

“The border of the evacuation zone is marked by streets and rivers: from the west, the Bystrzyca and Czerniejówka rivers to Pawia Street, from the south, Pawia and Długa Streets, from the east, Krańcowa, Witosa and Krzemionki Streets, and Przyjaźni to the Bystrzyca River,” said the spokeswoman for the Mayor of Lublin, Katarzyna Duma. She said that the evacuation will start on Friday from 7 am. By 11 am, nearly 14,000 residents of the designated area must leave their homes.

Unexploded bomb in Lublin. Service actionJustyna/Contact24

Meeting points

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When informing about the collection points, she indicated three locations: parking lot at Hala im. Z.Niedziela at Al. Zygmuntowskich, bus stop at the former Domix store on ul. Łęczyńska and a public transport stop at the market at ul. Marginal.

“From these places, public transport buses marked with the word EVACUATION will transport residents to the collection point at the Arena Lublin stadium. It is possible to take pets with you” – said the spokeswoman for the Mayor of Lublin. She added that kindergartens in the evacuation area – on holiday duty – will be closed on Friday. Parking at the Arena Lublin stadium will also be available free of charge for people who can move around on their own.

For people with disabilities and those requiring nursing and medical care, places are available in the Kalina Nursing Home (84 Kalinowszczyzna Street) and Betania (223 Kraśnicka Avenue). In turn, people lying down will be transported to the VI LO gym at ul. Mickiewicza 36.

“Psychological help will also be provided in these places” – said the spokeswoman for the mayor of Lublin. Psychological help – she added – can also be obtained by calling the 24/7 telephone number of the Crisis Intervention Centre: 733 588 600.

Transport to places of temporary stay will be provided by MPK Lublin, City Guard and medical vehicles. In the evacuation zone, public transport will run unchanged until 11 am and will be free of charge.

Special information number

Launched for residents 24/7 special information number: 81 466 17 13. She will provide information on Friday from 7.30 municipal hotline: 81 466 10 00. You can also call at Municipal Police number: 986 or 81 466 50 20.

On Friday, from 11.30, the Duma announced, there will be a complete closure of this part of the city to traffic. Public transport will be diverted. In the area excluded from communication services, traffic will be directed by the police.

“According to the announcement of the commander of the sapper patrol, the operation of removing the unexploded ordnance should take about two hours. The return of residents will be possible after the threat is eliminated, and residents will be taken by MPK buses to designated collection points near their homes,” the spokeswoman said.

Mayor of Lublin: all those in need will receive help and safe shelter

The Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk, quoted in the communiqué, said that immediately after receiving information about the discovery of an unexploded ordnance, the municipal crisis staff was convened. “All our units are on standby and closely cooperate with the Police, the Army and the Fire Brigade, i.e. the services responsible for the entire process of securing and disposing of the missile,” he said.

Żuk assured that all those in need will receive help and safe shelter from the city. “Officers of the Police, Fire Brigade and City Guard will start an information campaign among residents today, visiting flats and houses. The situation is under full control,” wrote the president and appealed for calmness and compliance with the instructions of the services coordinating the evacuation.

The unexploded bomb was found in the area of ​​Wrońska StreetJustyna/Contact24

What to do before leaving the apartment

The mayor’s spokeswoman added that before leaving the apartment, one should: close the gas valve and cut off the water supply, turn off the electricity supply, close the windows and doors, take identity documents and necessary medicines with you.

The police are responsible for securing the area where the unexploded ordnance is located, and the city is responsible for carrying out the evacuation of residents, based on the decision of the commander of the sapper patrol. “We will inform about the end of the evacuation operation in a separate announcement,” Duma said.

Unexploded ordnance found during earthworks

On Thursday before noon in the area of ​​Wrońska 1 street, a construction worker came across an unexploded ordnance during earthworks. The site of the find was secured by the police, military sappers were summoned, and in the afternoon they designated an evaluation zone.

The unexploded bomb was found in the area where an aircraft factory was located before World War II. After the occupation of Poland Germany they set up a prisoner-of-war camp, a labor camp, a place of segregation and storage of property plundered from Jews. A large housing estate is currently under construction there.

Main photo source: Justyna/Contact24

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