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Marek Majcher wanted on an arrest warrant. He called himself a libertarian, he is to answer for the abuse

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Marek Majcher, a patostreamer suspected of a number of crimes, including abuse of a loved one, escaped during a detention hearing. Now the police are looking for him. An arrest warrant was issued for a man – a regular visitor to courts who published far-right content under the nickname “Czujny”. He is to be put behind bars because investigators are concerned about the safety of the victims.

Patostreamer Marek Majcher is wanted on an arrest warrant in connection with the charges brought against him, including abuse of a loved one. In the first week of October, a drastic audio recording related to this case was leaked online. There are insults, threats and sounds indicating physical attacks.

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Majcher was detained in June after police intervention regarding a domestic dispute in the Małopolska town of Kęty in the Oświęcim district.

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Marek Majcher wanted on an arrest warrantPolice

The case of Marek Majchr. The court refused to detain him

As Mariusz Słomka, the deputy district prosecutor in Oświęcim, informed us, investigators accuse Majchr of “a number of crimes.” The most serious charge concerns abuse of a loved one, which is punishable by up to five years in prison – the man is also responsible for, among other things, violating the bodily integrity of the intervening officers.

As prosecutor Słomka admitted, the District Court in Oświęcim had previously refused to arrest Majchr twice. Only the District Court in Kraków accepted the investigators’ request. Too late. Patostreamer was present at the detention hearing at the end of September, but left the court during the break before the decision was announced. The decision to arrest was made, but Marek Majcher was already elusive. He did not report to arrest, which is why he is now wanted on an arrest warrant.

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Four months have passed since the domestic dispute during which Majchr was arrested. – We requested arrest because there were concerns about the safety of the victims in this case – added prosecutor Słomka in an interview with tvn24.pl. In addition, Majcher interfered with the investigators’ activities, which further prolonged the proceedings – which is also why prosecutors wanted to temporarily lock up the man.

Marek Majcher wanted on an arrest warrant

From the arrest warrant published by the Krakow police, we learn that Marek Majcher was last registered in Krakow at 10 Malborska Street. He is 42 years old. He is very tall – his height was estimated at 191-195 centimeters. He has dark eyes, short dark hair and weighs over 90 kilograms.

“Any information that may help determine the whereabouts of the wanted man should be sent to Police Station V in Krakow by phone at 47-83-52-916 or by calling the emergency number 112,” said Anna Wolak-Gromala from the press team of the Krakow police in a press release. . “At the same time, we warn that hiding a wanted person or helping him escape is punishable by imprisonment for up to 5 years. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the information about the informant will be kept secret,” she added.

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Marek Majcher. Who is this?

Marek Majcher is known in the far-right circles under the pseudonym “Czujny”. This is the name of the website he runs with a group of trusted colleagues.

After the arrest warrant was published, he commented on the case on this website. “Should I also apply, for example, to the Kingdom of Norway for political asylum due to open persecution in connection with my public activities?” – he asked rhetorically. He added that he was “patiently waiting” for the consideration of his complaint against the arrest decision.

– Of course, he has the right to submit such a complaint, it will be examined in the District Court in Krakow by a three-person panel. It should be noted, however, that although this provision is not final, it is enforceable. This means that regardless of whether a complaint is filed, Majcher is to be detained by the police and taken to prison – notes prosecutor Słomka.

Marek Majcher is known for his conflict-oriented approach to the justice system. There are many recordings available online in which – during the pandemic – he shouts to prosecutors and policemen that he is a free man and will not wear a “muzzle”, as he called masks. He shouted at the officers that they were criminals, tried to “detain” the prosecutor, whom he accused of threatening him, and organized protests against the “plandemic”. He describes himself as a journalist and shares and publishes materials supporting Confederation’s candidates for parliament. He gives live reports in court of the fights that are initiated.

His name first appeared publicly in 2016. Majcher was there then accused of “chair attack” – as the media called it. In 2015, a man tried to throw a chair at the president Bronisław Komorowski. Ultimately, he was acquitted of the charge of active assault on the head of state, but was convicted of defamation. He already had a criminal history at that time: he was convicted of preparing counterfeit money for circulation, attempting to extort compensation, assaulting officers and fraud.

Now, according to “Wprost”, courts throughout the country are handling about 200 cases related to Majchre.

Main photo source: Police

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