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Matura 2024. Matura students comment on the Polish language exam. “Waldek Kiepski would pass it”

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The first high school graduates completed the secondary school leaving examination in Polish at the basic level. Students eagerly share their observations and opinions on social media. The prevailing comments are that the level of this year's final exams was not too difficult. “The easiest high school leaving exam in the 21st century. Waldek Kiepski would pass it,” wrote one of the Internet users.

On Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., the high school leaving exams began with a basic Polish language exam. The exam (according to the 2024 formula, which was taken by most students) lasted 240 minutes and ended after 1 p.m. Students received papers that consisted of three parts. In the first one, their reading comprehension, argumentation and use of correct Polish were tested. In the second part, high school graduates had to answer questions about Polish reading material, and in the third part they had to write an essay.

High school graduates comment on the exam

High school graduates comment on the level of the exam they had to face on social media. On portal X, the overwhelming majority of opinions are that they are satisfied. “Surprisingly, it was simple for me. Strangely suspicious,” wrote one of the Internet users. “Polish language high school graduates were lucky at this high school final exam. Simple essay topics and tasks, I think that anyone who devoted at least 30 minutes a week to learning should pass this high school final exam with at least 80%,” wrote another.

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There were many more similar comments. “I don't think it's possible to ask simpler questions.” “Very nice essay topics.” “God, thank you for this high school final exam. I cried unnecessarily yesterday.” “The easiest high school leaving exam in the 21st century. Waldek Kiepski would pass it.” “I envy high school graduates for having such easy topics.”

However, not all high school graduates are so satisfied. “It was easy, but I'm still afraid I won't pass,” wrote an Internet user. “It seemed very easy, but there were many things where, even though I was close, I didn't know if my answer would give me points, so it was either the worst or the best in the world,” said another. “The topics of the essay are very cool, but the first and second parts are a disaster,” commented an Internet user.

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