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Russia. Vladimir Putin renovated the palace in Gelendzhik using state funds

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Four-hour recording from palace in Gelendzhik It went online thanks to the Foundation for the Fight against Corruption. The organization founded by the deceased oppositionist Alexei Navalny revealed that last year, the property belonging to Vladimir Putin. Formally, the Russian leader denied that it belonged to him, One of the richest oligarchs, Arkady Rotenberg, was said to be the owner.

FBK presented, among others: video from a home chapel with a triptych and a wooden throne. The walls of the room are decorated with crosses, and the triptych depicts Saint Prince Vladimir (Russian: Vladimir – ed.). The organization indicates that it dates back to the Middle Ages Russia There was a tradition of painting icons for rulers, which over time began to be placed in the Cathedral of the Annunciation on Kremlin. He regularly visits this place on the sidelines of presidential inaugurations Vladimir Putin.

A stream of state money for Putin's palace

The organization fighting Russian corruption has evidence thatthat the construction and maintenance of the palace are still financed by state-owned companies under the guise of non-existent services.

Two structures of the Transneft company, headed by Putin's friend Nikolai Tokarev, pay 25 and 30 million rubles per month, respectively, for the rental of some non-residential premises in the palace, which gives a total 660 million rubles per year.

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Decorations, paintings and sculptures caught the attention of Internet users. The rooms were arranged, among others, to the concert hall and lounge. The entire palace covers an area of ​​nearly 300 square meters 11 bedrooms. The complex also includes fountains and a swimming pool.

Western furnishings of Putin's villa

The “Meduza” portal also enumerates equipment with which the palace in Gelendzhik was equipped. These included products from the German company Knauf, the Finnish Tikkurli and the French Anabo.

Property equipped with water and sewage fittings German companies Jorger, Tece, Emco and Hansgrohe, Italian Gessi and Vismara Vetro, Swiss Geberit and Laufen and Japanese Omoikiri. Wealth completes a series of exclusive Italian furniture.

Navalny's Anticorruption Foundation (FBK) published a video about real estate worth $1.35 billion, which was paid for by Russian oligarchs. The new publication appeared online several hours before the inauguration of Vladimir Putin's fifth presidential term in Russia.

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