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Minimum wage 2023. There will be two increases

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From January 1, the minimum remuneration for work is PLN 3,490, and the hourly rate is PLN 22.80. This is the first increase in the minimum wage this year. The next one is scheduled for July. Benefits will then amount to PLN 3,600, the minimum hourly rate will increase to PLN 23.50.

Pursuant to the Act on the minimum wage for work, if the total consumer price index forecast for the next year is at least 105 percent, – two dates for changing the amount of the minimum wage and the amount are set minimum hourly rate: from January 1 and July 1.

Minimum wage 2023. There will be two increases

The government decided that at the beginning of 2023 minimum wage will increase to PLN 3,490 gross, and from 1 July it will amount to PLN 3,600. At the same time, the minimum hourly rate will increase to PLN 22.80 from 1 January and PLN 23.50 from 1 July, respectively.

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The Ministry of Family and Social Policy emphasizes that the minimum wage plays a large role in reducing poverty and reducing income inequalities, and protects employees from working at lower rates.

– Such a significant increase in the minimum wage is also necessary to protect the poorer strata of society from bearing the disproportionately high cost of the difficult economic situation in which, due to the Russia war in the neighborhood Ukraine Poland and Europe found themselves – emphasizes the head of the family ministry, Marlena Maląg.

Minimum wage in PolandPAP/Maciej Zielinski

Relation to the average wage

The ministry announced that as a result, from January 2023, the minimum wage will be 50.3 percent. projected average salary in the national economy for 2023, and from July 2023 – 51.9 percent.

According to the ministry’s estimates, from July 2023 the minimum wage will be 19.6 percent higher. compared to the lowest wage in force in 2022. In turn, compared to 2015, the minimum wage will increase by 105.7 percent. In 2015, it amounted to PLN 1,750.

From the new year, along with the minimum wage, other benefits calculated on its basis also increase, including night work allowanceremuneration for downtime, severance pay for collective redundancies.

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