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Mława County. In the thick fog, the horse ran onto the road, straight in front of the moving car

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A horse ran onto the road in thick fog, straight in front of a moving delivery truck. The car was seriously damaged, but the driver was not injured. The animal did not survive the collision.

This incident occurred on Friday morning on the Dobrogosty-Dzierzgowo road in the Mława district. Visibility was severely limited due to the fog. According to police findings at the scene of the collision, the horse ran straight in front of the moving vehicle.

The horse did not survive the collision with the carMława police

Fine for the horse owner

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– The driver of the Fiat delivery van, a 33-year-old from Mława, was not injured. He was sober. The car he was driving was seriously damaged. The hit animal fell on the side of the road. The police found the horse’s owner, who was fined. As it turned out, he had escaped from a nearby farm – says in a press release. Anna Pawłowska from the Mława police. – Road incidents involving animals include both collisions and accidents with serious consequences. They most often involve wild animals entering the road, but sometimes they also involve farm animals. If you spot an animal on the side of the road or on the road, slow down and be especially careful. Animals such as deer generally do not travel alone. Even if an animal is standing some distance from the road, there is always a risk that it may suddenly run under the wheels. If you are hit, call the police immediately, he adds.

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The owner of the animal is responsible

The owner is responsible for the pet or farm animal. Pursuant to Art. 77 of the Code of Petty Offenses: § 1 Whoever fails to observe ordinary or prescribed precautions when keeping an animal shall be subject to the penalty of restriction of liberty, a fine of up to PLN 1,000 or a reprimand; § 2. Whoever commits the act specified in § 1 while keeping an animal whose behavior poses a danger to human life or health, shall be subject to the penalty of restriction of liberty, a fine or a reprimand.

Main photo source: Mława police

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