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Nicaragua. An albino puma was born at the zoo. “We all have to take care of it and protect it.”

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A white puma was born in a zoo in Nicaragua. Because albinism is often associated with health problems, zoo employees have introduced special rules to protect the baby from excess stress.

An almost four-month-old puma has become a real mascot in the city of Juigalpa, Nicaragua. All because of its extremely rare color – the animal is an albino. On Friday, it was presented to visitors for the first time.

The puma was born in the zoo. Her name was Itzae, which means “gift from God” in the Mayan language. This is the only albino puma in the herd.

– [Jej matka – przyp. red.] she gave birth to three cubs, usually pumas give birth to two or three cubs. This is the fourth birth for this female and unexpectedly the little puma showed albinism – said Mauricio Espinoza, one of the zoo’s employees.

Albino puma from NicaraguaReuters

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There are special rules

Itzae already weighs over six kilograms and, according to zoo employees, she is in good health. Soon her diet will be expanded to include meat.

Albinism (also known as albinism) is a rare mutation that manifests itself through unusual color changes. In the affected animal, the skin, hair, feathers and irises turn white. It happens that individuals that live in the wild often have problems with camouflage or finding food. Albinism is also associated with poor eyesight or other health problems.

– This is something amazing, unprecedented. We all have to take care of her and protect her so that she has a good life and health, said one of the visitors, Maria Jose Hurtado.

– We have certain rules for all guests wanting to see her, such as no flash when taking photos, no making too much noise, no throwing trash, no food, or any items that might upset her. Stress is a major disease of animals in human care or captivity, Espinoza added.

Main photo source: Reuters

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