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March of nationalists in Warsaw. Warsaw police: over 50 people detained

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A total of 56 people were detained before and during Saturday’s nationalist march in Warsaw – said Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander. As he noted, most of them were people who had drugs on them.

The spokesman of the Warsaw Police Commander announced the arrests before and during the nationalists’ march in Warsaw after the end of the march. A total of 56 people were detained. – Most of them, about 40 people, were in possession of drugs – noted Sylwester Marczak. – We also had cases of arrests of wanted people. It is still surprising why such people appear in places where police officers operate, he said.

Spokesman of the Metropolitan Police Commander asked, whether there were any fights during the Independence March, he replied that “no such situation has been identified at the moment.” He noted, however, that “a lot of materials” appear only “after all the meetings have ended.” – We do not stop our activities now, at this moment – he emphasized.

March of nationalists in Warsaw Leszek Szymański/PAP

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Marczak: pyrotechnics were secured

When asked about the most important incident during Saturday’s march, Sylwester Marczak replied that a group of people crossing the Poniatowski Bridge started throwing flares towards one of the gas stations. He assessed that in this case “the police acted very quickly.” As a result of their actions, four people were detained.

The spokesman for the Warsaw Police also spoke about securing a total of over a thousand pyrotechnics. – When it comes to the use of pyrotechnics, this is also an element that we will evaluate in the coming days. We are dealing with a gathering. We cannot use pyrotechnics during the assembly, he added.

March of nationalists in Warsaw PAP

March of nationalists in Warsaw

The nationalists’ march started around 3 p.m. Metal barriers were placed along the march route, and a large police force was visible, as well as march guards who led the demonstration. A police helicopter was flying over the city center.

The participants were led by the slogan “Poland is not yet lost.” They had national flags with them, some wore red and white armbands, others pinned cotillions to their jackets. Some also wore wreaths and hats in national colors.

You could see banners with the slogans “God, honor, homeland”, “Yes to life” and “It’s worth being Polish”. Cries such as “Pride, pride, national pride” and “Poland has not died yet” were raised. Some people lit flares.

Climate activists appeared on the march route. The flag was also set on fire LGBT.

Main photo source: PAP

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