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North Korea. A new song in honor of the leader – Kim Jong Un

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North Korean media has broadcast a new propaganda song in honor of Kim Jong Un, and analysts point to possible reasons for the song's release date.

The music video for the song titled “Friendly Father” was broadcast on the regime-controlled Korean Central Television (KCTV) on Wednesday. Kim Jong Un appears in the video, among others, accompanied by soldiers and cheering crowds. The day before, a song in honor of the dictator, which talks about a “friendly father”, “excellent leader” and “brighter future”, was performed live during a ceremony marking the completion of the construction of 10,000 new houses. Kim Jong Un arrived in an armored limousine, which is said to have… received as a gift from Vladimir Putin” – reported The Telegraph.

Kim Jong Un at a ceremony marking the completion of the construction of 10,000 new housesReuters

According to Reuters, the song was released shortly after North Korean state media began using a different term for the annual celebration. holiday commemorating the birth of Kim Il-sung, considered the founder of North Korea. Until now, April 15 was celebrated as Sun Day. This year, the media chose a “more neutral” term: April Festival. The change “raises speculation that the move is part of an effort to strengthen Kim's position,” Reuter writes.

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Kim Jong Un in a new song. Analysts on the reasons

A South Korean official from the Ministry of Unification, quoted by Reuters, said that changing the name of the holiday may mean that Kim Jong Un wants to “stand on his own feet and not rely on his predecessors”, i.e. Kim Jong Il and Kim Il-sung. In turn, “The Telegraph”, citing analysts, pointed out that Monday's ceremony with the dictator's participation may indicate an increase in the intensity of activities to build the cult of the leader who has ruled with an iron fist for nearly 13 years.

Kim Jong UnReuters

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Main photo source: Reuters

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