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Old Village. He was drunk. He hit another car and then drove into a pond

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In the pond in Stara Wieś (Lubelskie Voivodeship), a 31-year-old man finished his ride when he got behind the wheel drunk. The examination showed that he had one and a half per mille of alcohol in his system. Before entering the water, he hit another car.

On Tuesday (February 14), just before 4 p.m., the services were called to Stara Wieś in the Puławy district, where an Opel Vectra drove into a pond.

– Behind the wheel was a 31-year-old from the municipality of Puławy. He had one and a half per mille of alcohol in his body – says Commissioner Ewa Rejn-Kozak from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Puławy.

The car landed in the pond TSO Konskowola

Both drivers were uninjured

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He adds that the findings of the uniform show that the driver did not adjust the speed to the conditions on the road, and before he entered the water, he caused a collision with a Renault Kangoo.

The tree has been destroyedTSO Konskowola

– This car was driven by a 40-year-old man from the KoĹ„skowola commune. He was sober. Like the 31-year-old, nothing happened to him – the policewoman points out.

Firefighters pulled the car out

The 31-year-old was taken into police custody. After being released, he was interrogated.

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The photos from the scene show that the car – entering the pond – destroyed the tree.

The vehicle was pulled out of the water by firefighters. Four PSP hosts and two TSO took part in the action. A boat was also used.

Firefighters used heavy equipmentTSO Konskowola

Main photo source: TSO Konskowola

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