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Parliamentary elections 2023. Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS: there were a number of mistakes on our part

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Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS and deputy prime minister, said in Spała that after the elections, his party must conduct an “analysis of what happened” and have a plan “for further actions – both offensive and defensive.” – Of course, we also had to deal with a number of mistakes on our part – he admitted. He added that over the last few years “the structure of the electorate has also changed.”

Kaczyński stated at the beginning of his speech that “the result is good, but not very good.”

– The overall dimensions of the situation are known. Today we need to analyze what happened and its causes. This is in progress. Secondly, to have a plan for further actions – both offensive and defensive ones – said Kaczyński at the 9th Extraordinary Meeting of Clubs of “Gazeta Polska” in Spała.

– Of course, we also had to deal with a number of mistakes on our part. Such is life, mistakes are made, and politics is particularly burdened with the risk of mistakes, because it is a field where the level of uncertainty of decisions and their consequences is high – noted the president. PIS.

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– But above all, Poland has really changed. The structure of the electorate has also changed over the last few years and this process will probably continue, he added.

He also said that PiS must take this into account if “it is to win again, to win in a different Poland than it was some time ago.”

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Kaczyński: we must remember that victory is always led to a combination of two elements

– We must win, remembering one thing: that victory always leads to a combination of two elements. I usually say this during November 11th celebrations. It’s about combining thought and action. An action without thought can sometimes be beautiful, heroic, heroic, but completely ineffective. I’m talking about the times of direct, bloody fighting. Thought without action brings no results, even if it were right, insightful and reflective of reality. Only when these two elements work together can we count on winning, said Deputy Prime Minister Kaczyński.

Kaczyński: eight stars have become a slogan and, in fact, the answer to all questions of KO supporters

During his speech, Kaczyński said that the condition was related to the result elections, which we are dealing with, must be considered in terms of the description of this condition and its causes. – It must be said this: we are dealing – at least to some extent – with a repeat of 2007 – said the PiS president. He said that in the years 2005-2007, PiS ruled for a short time “in very difficult circumstances, in a very difficult dinner.” – Despite everything, we achieved a lot and these were years of very good economic growth. Those were very peaceful years. The year 2006 was the calmest since 1989, and yet such a powerful phenomenon of imaginary reality was successfully created and this imaginary reality took over the minds of a very significant part of Poles and led to mobilization. This mobilization then covered 6 million 800 thousand PO voters and a certain number of voters of other opposition formations, but then PO was more dominant than now when it comes to the election results – he said Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

He noted that “this time the mobilization was even greater, carried out in an even more brutal and perfidious manner” and that this mobilization lasted for eight years.

In his opinion, it started in 2005, when the leader of KO Donald Tusk he delivered “the first such surprising, aggressive speech”, and the campaign did not stop all the time and was conducted according to social engineering recommendations. – Virtually anything can be obtained using social engineering methods – said the PiS president.

He added that “it all became very brutal and at the same time there was a huge offensive of vulgarity.” – There was simply unprecedented vulgarity in public life, and this vulgarity appeared not only in the statements of various people who somehow take part in public life but function in private on a daily basis, but also in the statements of politicians and finally became a slogan. These eight stars have become a slogan and, in fact, an answer to all the questions of the supporters of the Civic Coalition, Kaczyński noted.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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