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Parliamentary elections 2023. What do the ballots look like? How to cast a valid vote?

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In this year’s parliamentary elections to the Sejm and Senate, we will receive two ballots. The third card will have four referendum questions. What do the cards look like? How to vote correctly for your candidate?

They will be held on October 15 in Poland elections parliamentary and national referendum. After going to the polling stations and presenting an identity document to the district electoral commission, voters will be able to collect three ballots – one with candidates registered in a given district for the Sejm, the second with candidates registered for the Senate, and the third with referendum questions. What do the cards we receive look like?

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Ballots for the 2023 elections

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As he emphasizes National Electoral Commission in its instructions, each card should be stamped with the seal of the district electoral commission. Additionally, cards for the Sejm and Senate should have the imprint of the district electoral commission printed on them, and the referendum card should have the imprint of the National Electoral Commission.

The voting card for the Sejm elections contains lists of individual electoral committees. Each list has in its title a number and the name or abbreviation of the committee’s name, and may also have its graphic symbol. The names of parliamentary candidates appear on a gray background. To cast a valid vote, enter an X in the box next to only one candidate on one selected list. Let us remind you that the X sign means at least in the meaning of the Electoral Code two lines intersecting within the grid.

Voting card for the SejmPKW/screenshot

On the second card, in the Senate elections, the names of senatorial candidates will be on a yellow background. Under the candidate’s name there will be the name or abbreviation of the name of his electoral committee, and next to it there may be a graphic symbol of this committee. To cast a valid vote, you must put an X in the box next to the name of only one candidate.

Ballot for the SenatePKW/screenshot

The referendum ballot will contain four questions on a white background. To cast a valid vote, you must put an X next to one answer for each question – “yes” or “no”. Failure to answer one question or marking both answers will invalidate the vote only for that question.

Voting card in the referendumPKW/screenshot

Contrary to rumors appearing in the public space, the ballots in the elections will not be linked to the referendum card. She informed the National Electoral Commission about it in a statement of October 9. “Due to false information spread on social media, we would like to inform you that the ballot cards WILL NOT be stapled together. It is untrue that 3 ballot cards will be stapled or connected in some other way,” it was reported. The National Electoral Commission emphasized that the voter himself can decide whether he will take part in all or only some of the votes, and thus which cards will be issued to him by the district electoral commission.

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