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Political parties begin the battle for the European Parliament. What electoral strategy will they choose?

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The upcoming election campaign for the European Parliament is yet another one in which parties talk about unique stakes and choices that will determine Poland's position. However, questions arise as to what electoral strategy politicians will choose.

The demand to abolish the veto rule at European Council meetings and friendly, European transport with free tickets for young people – these are the next election announcements of the Left.

Although there is no increased activity of candidates for the European Parliament on May Saturday, the election campaign will most likely gain momentum with each passing day. There are also questions about what it will look like. – I have an idea that Law and Justice is currently running a Catalan campaign for the European Parliament – says Professor Małgorzata Myśliwiec, a political scientist from the University of Silesia.

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The comparison used by Professor Myśliwiec concerns specific names on the lists of Law and Justice – Daniel Obajtek, Maciej Wasik and Mariusz Kamiński. Where does the association with Catalonia come from? – When the region's prime minister fled to Brussels after the illegal referendum in 2017, he decided to run in the European Parliament elections. He obtained a mandate and thus cheated fate a little – explains the professor.

– I don't think that anyone will run a campaign from abroad – assures Michał Wójcik, MP from Sovereign Poland, candidate in the European Parliament elections.

It is difficult to find more information about the plans of the former president of Orlen from the Law and Justice candidates. – I am convinced that Daniel Obajtek will run an active election campaign – says Adam Bielan, MEP from Law and Justice. – I warn you: immunity in the European Parliament does not protect anyone who abuses the law or is in conflict with the law – reminds Andrzej Halicki, a candidate in the elections to the European Parliament from the Civic Platform.

Szczerba: Daniel Obajtek is in Hungary, he has taken refuge with Orban

Ongoing proceedings in the background

The prosecutor's office is conducting several proceedings in the Orlen case – including the merger with Lotos, the control of fuel prices during the campaign and the Swiss company OTS. Matters in which the names of Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński appear are dealt with by parliamentary investigative committees. Proceedings in the prosecutor's office are also ongoing in the Pegasus case.

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However, PiS politicians do not comment on the ongoing proceedings. Their statements only speak of merit. – We did a lot for the region, primarily building a dam on the border with Belarus – says Wąsik.

– PiS is undergoing a major clean-up and getting rid of politicians who are inconvenient to Law and Justice. Sending them to Brussels so as not to have to explain themselves for them today – says Urszula Pasławska, an MP from the Third Way.

Government reconstruction unfavorable for the Left? "This will not be decided by Hołownia or Kosiniak-Kamysz"

Government reconstruction unfavorable for the Left? “It will not be decided by Hołownia or Kosiniak-Kamysz”TVN24

Reconstruction of the government

Politicians who were supposed to explain and settle the scandals of the previous government are also running in the elections. These are constitutional ministers Krzysztof Hetman, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, Borys Budka and Marcin Kierwiński. Hence the government reconstruction scheduled for Friday.

The heads of two investigative committees – MPs Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba – are also going to the European Parliament. However, there are assurances that both committees will finish their work before the elections – the envelope one at the end of May, the visa one at the beginning of June.

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– My voters commissioned me to do a specific job. I am finishing this work in the investigative committee into the visa scandal, I will prepare a report and prepare notifications to law enforcement agencies, so my work in this area, parliamentary inspections and investigative committees, is coming to an end – informs MP Szczerba.

President: our presence in the European Union has historical significance for us

President: our presence in the European Union has historical significance for usTVN24

Does the president want to strengthen PiS's position?

The June elections are the next, after October, when the Law and Justice lists include the so-called candidate for the presidential minister – the “number one” from Greater Poland is Wojciech Kolarski.

However, after President Andrzej Duda's last speech, when he talked about the flagship investments announced by Law and Justice and criticized the announcement of the liquidation of the CBA, questions about the president's involvement in the campaign of the party that was his political support are coming back.

– I would like to remind you that these are the last months of his term. Perhaps he is thinking about his future. Perhaps he is trying, somewhere on the right side of the political scene, to build his own faction or (a group – editor's note) of people close to him – points out Katarzyna Kotula, Minister of Equality, head of the Left's election campaign.

The president's words do not surprise a politician co-creating the next Law and Justice campaign. – His program platform in 2019 (…) was very similar to the program of the United Right and Law and Justice, so his statements should not be a surprise to anyone – says Adam Bielan.

The European Parliament elections will take place on Sunday, June 9.

Author:Katarzyna Kowalska

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Polak

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