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Poznań. They want to create a linear park on the former railway line. Similar to the High Line in New York

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The linear park may be built on the site of the former tracks of the “Berlin Railway” in Poznań’s Górczyn. This concept was included in the draft of the local spatial development plan. “Such assumptions are created in areas that used to have communication functions, e.g. High Line, i.e. a former railway flyover in New York” – the officials write.

The draft local plan covers the area of ​​Górczyn from the east and south, limited by railway tracks, from the west by ul. Głogowska, and from the north ul. Krauthofer.

Area covered by the planMPU Poznan

One of its most important goals is an idea for the development of areas after disused railway tracks. A so-called linear park would be created there.

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Trees instead of tracks

It’s a small park that forms in a line – it’s narrow and long. Usually, linear parks occupy areas that used to have or were supposed to have a communication function, or they are created along rivers or canals.

Park designMPU Poznan

“Such assumptions are created in areas that used to have communication functions, e.g. High Line, i.e. a former railway flyover in New York” – the officials write.

It is a park that hangs 10 meters above the ground and runs for 22 blocks. It stretches for 2.33 km. It was created in 2009-2014.

High Line in New YorkAdobe Stock

The planned park in Poznań will occupy the area of ​​the former tracks of the “Berlin Railway”.

Tracks of the “Berlin Railway” on ul. Dmowski

The plan assumes that a pedestrian and bicycle path will be built along them. Old railway buildings along the route can, in turn, be used for cultural, sports and catering purposes. Along the former railway route, sports and recreation infrastructure may also be built: sports fields, outdoor gyms and playgrounds.

The former railway buildings are to serve cultural, sports and gastronomic purposesMPU Poznan

The new park is to cover an area of ​​approximately 11 hectares. However, in order for it to be built, it will be necessary to purchase land for it. It is estimated that the purchase of land and arrangement of the park will cost about PLN 21 million.

Northern part of the parkMPU Poznan

New roads and maybe even a tram

In addition to the location of the future park, the local spatial development plan also indicates green zones that protect valuable areas from development and limit their development. It also defines the parameters of existing and planned streets in this area, including new sections of Drużynowa Street and the so-called new Opolska.

Drużynowa Street is to be a road with a sidewalk on both sides, roadside greenery and a two-way road.

Officials point out that the connection of this part of Górczyn with Głogowska Street also requires ordering the communication. The current road system after the creation of the park will become ineffective and will need reconstruction. Hence, the project already includes new communication solutions that would organize traffic in this part of the city.

The plan also includes pondsMPU Poznan

The project also provides for the possibility of creating a tram route that would connect the loop in Górczyn through Drużynowa Street with the so-called new Opole. For now, officials emphasize that this solution is not needed, but such a provision in the plan is intended to secure the possible construction of such a tram route in the future.

Bird’s-eye viewMPU Poznan

Comments on the project can be submitted until February 17. After their analysis, the plan is to be adopted by the Poznań City Council.

Work on the document is accompanied by public consultations. In the second stage alone, 195 letters with residents’ comments and motions were sent to the office. After analyzing them, the area of ​​the planned park was enlarged by an additional 1.4 hectares, protection of existing trees with monument features was introduced, green zones were extended, and provisions were added to protect the relics of the old Berlin railway line.

Main photo source: MPU Poznan

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