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President of the PSL in Szczecin. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz encourages people to support the Honest Poland programme

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The president of the Polish People’s Party, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, met with the inhabitants of Szczecin on Sunday. The leader of the People’s Party told about the “Honest Poland” program, which provides for the possibility of inheriting pensions, taxation of only one job and special loans for young people. – “Honest Poland” is something more, it is a kind of philosophy of the state, a philosophy of social action, responsibility for other people – he said.

At a meeting with the inhabitants of Szczecin Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz he reminded that “Honest Poland” is a package of three bills to be introduced as a civic initiative. – “Honest Poland” is something more, it is a kind of philosophy of the state, a philosophy of social action, responsibility for other people – said the president PSL.

He emphasized that the draft of a civic legislative initiative consists of bills for three generations. – I am asking you all to sign (…) I am asking you to get involved in this civic project, because it is a great opportunity to reach every home in Poland with “Honest Poland”, so that everyone can hear about honest Poland, so that ” Honest Poland” won in 2023 – said Kosiniak-Kamysz.

He said that the “Honest Poland” initiative is to respond to very important demographic problems, problems on the labor market and wages, as well as issues related to family support and the problems of retirees.

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Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz in SzczecinPAP/Marcin Bielecki

Inheritance of pensions, taxation of one job and credits for the young

He reminded that the first solution is aimed at pensioners and concerns inheritance pension. He pointed out that this solution is particularly important for women, who often have a much lower pension than men, and at the same time often live longer and are left alone. PSL postulates that after the death of a spouse, the other person receives 100 percent of the highest old-age pension and 50 percent of the second benefit.

The second point in the PSL draft is the “Work that pays off” act, addressed mainly to the group of active 30, 40 and 50-year-olds. The president of PSL said that they often work second-time jobs, they often start their own company after hours to earn some extra money, because they have, for example, a loan that increased from PLN 2,000 last year to PLN 2,000. PLN up to PLN 4.2 thousand zloty.

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The PSL proposes that only one job should be taxed and the second job would be untaxed. – “Honest Poland”, in contrast to the dishonest state that exists today, does not take taxes, contributions from the second job – said Kosiniak-Kamysz. He emphasized the need to appreciate people who work hard and to promote activity.

The third act, addressed to young people, mentions a low-interest (1.5 percent) permanent loan for an apartment or house at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and an own contribution from the state in the amount of up to PLN 100,000. zloty. Kosiniak-Kamysz explained that such solutions in the area of ​​housing are necessary, because without them we will face a demographic collapse.

The president of PSL pointed out that the demographics would not change until we changed the housing situation. He added that there is a shortage of 2 million apartments in Poland, and young people decide to start a family later and later, because they cannot afford their own apartment and rent it for many years in several people.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: PSL is a party of Polish entrepreneurs

During the meeting with the residents, the president of PSL also drew attention to issues related to, among others, green energy. – I hope that we will free windmills on land, that we will go more towards photovoltaics, that we will focus on biogas plants, about which very little has been said for the last seven years – he said. He added “this is an alternative to agriculture, it is a great opportunity to use various types of waste from biogas plants, which are a natural fertilizer.”

In his speech, he also emphasized that “Honest Poland” is “the development of regional Poland and focusing on the diversity that we have in the regions, as well as appreciating every small company.” Kosiniak-Kamysz said that PSL is a “party of Polish entrepreneurs”.

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz in SzczecinPAP/Marcin Bielecki

He pointed out that “big discounters and international corporations are developing, small shops are being liquidated”. What, according to the PSL leader, causes the disappearance of small local communities.

– This is the salt of the earth, we will defend Polish entrepreneurs. This is a social group that gives economic growth – real, real, it creates jobs, they don’t fall from the sky. They cannot be charged with the highest increase in ZUS in history, said Kosiniak-Kamysz on Sunday.

In his speech, he also emphasized that “it is necessary to block the collapse of local Poland, rebuild regional Poland, strengthen self-government, strengthen the system of financing local communities, write a new law on financing local governments”.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: there was supposed to be a re-Polonization of Polish companies, not their sale

Referring to the KPO case, he said that “these billions would be happy to go to Western Pomerania for the development of infrastructure, renewable energy, because the largest part of the KPO budget is investment in biogas plants, photovoltaics, windmills, energy independence, digitization, infrastructure modernization issues, but also in matters related to housing and health care.

He added that PSL wants these measures and will fight for the rule of law. – We will do everything to ensure that these funds go, regardless of who is in power – emphasized Kosiniak-Kamysz.

The president of PSL was also asked by a TVN24 journalist why President of Orlen Daniel Obajtek did not allow the inspectors of the Supreme Audit Office to carry out an inspection in the company. – Because he’s afraid. He is simply afraid that these controllers will show the truth about dishonesty, about dishonest actions. About the fact that the family silver was sold for nothing, and it was supposed to be re-Polonization of Polish companies, not their sale – he replied.

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz on not allowing NIK auditors to Orlen

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Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

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