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RCB Alert. Rabies. Rabies vaccine for foxes. More regions covered by the campaign

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RCB Alert. In other regions of Poland, the rabies vaccine for foxes will be dropped from planes. For this reason, the Government Security Center sent an alert to residents of several regions.

Further areas of the country have been included in the campaign to vaccinate foxes against rabies. “Attention! On April 18-26, a rabies vaccine for foxes will be dropped in the forests. Do not touch the capsule and do not allow pets to touch it!” – wrote the Government Security Center in an SMS alert.

This message was received by people staying in the voivodeships: Świętokrzyskie, Lesser Poland, Podkarpackie, Łódź (in the following counties: Opoczno, Rawa, Tomaszów, Kutno, Łęczyca, Łowicz, Skierniewice, Zgierz).

Rabies is a dangerous disease

As RCB writes, rabies is one of the most dangerous zoonotic diseases. In Poland, its reservoir is the red fox. That is why vaccination campaigns for these animals are carried out.

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Despite great progress in medicine, rabies is incurable and always ends in death. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), it causes the death of approximately 60,000 people every year, mainly in Asia and Africa.

Rabies is a viral infectious disease affecting the central nervous system to which all mammalian species, including humans, are susceptible. The incubation period of the disease ranges from several days to several months. The rabies virus is sensitive to high temperatures and sunlight, but is highly resistant to low temperatures. It is mainly transmitted through contact of an infected animal's saliva with damaged skin or mucous membrane (bite). Infection is also possible, among others: aerogenic, intraconjunctival or organ transplantation.

What is an RCB alert

Alert RCB is an SMS threat warning system. You do not need to sign up for an RCB alert. People who find themselves in the area of ​​a potential life-threatening crisis will receive a short text message (SMS) on their mobile phone with information about the type of threat, its location, and the source of the warning. It does not matter which operator we have concluded a contract with.

The amendment to the Telecommunications Law and certain other acts of June 11, 2018 imposes on all operators the obligation to immediately send a message to all users in the area specified by the RCB director. Messages are issued only in exceptional situations that may pose a real threat to human life and health.

Main photo source: AdobeStock, RCB

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