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Revenge for helping Ukraine. Mike Johnson wasn't recalled because the Democrats saved him

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The far-right wing of Republicans wanted to remove a representative of their own party from the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives. The whole situation showed how deeply divided the Republicans are – because out of 217 representatives of this party, only 43 voted for the dismissal of Mike Johnson. Since the Democrats did not want the change either, the proposal was lost. The leader of the group wanting the change was Marjorie Taylor Greene, who had been announcing this proposal for a long time. Why did she push it and what were the circumstances of the vote?

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an ardent supporter of conspiracy theories and a staunch ally of Donald Trump, has become one of the most outspoken politicians on Capitol Hill in recent years. Despite this, on Wednesday her party colleagues did not want to let her speak. Ultimately, the Republican politician managed to break through the shouting and whistles and file a motion to dismiss Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, her party colleague.

– Mike Johnson is ill-equipped to handle the rigors of the job as Speaker of the House of Representatives. He has allowed one party to gain complete control of the House, fueling foreign wars, trampling on civil liberties and increasing our national debt, argued Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Revenge for supporting financial aid for Kiev

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The other party that Greene was talking about is the Democrats, and her request to remove Johnson from office is de facto revenge for the Republican's support just three weeks ago for the bill pushed by the Democrats, providing, among other things, over $60 billion in financial aid for Ukraine. , which was strongly opposed by the right wing of the Republicans, led by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

– I voted for Mike Johnson in the past because his voice was conservative before he became Speaker. For example, he voted against financing Ukraine. But when he became president, he became a man that none of us recognize anymore, Greene said.

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On Wednesday, however, Democrats came to Johnson's aid, joining forces with a significant group of Republicans. By an overwhelming majority, 359 to 43, the representatives rejected the congresswoman's request to dismiss the speaker.

Democrats endorsed Mike Johnson

“Our decision to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene from plunging the House of Representatives and the country into further chaos is driven by our commitment to solving the everyday problems of Americans. We need more common sense and less chaos in Washington, explained Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives.

This show of bipartisan support for Mike Johnson – at least for now – puts an end to the most serious challenge the Republican speaker has faced in recent times, although such clear Democratic help in keeping him in power could significantly increase the already loud criticism from the extreme wing of Republicans .

– I appreciate the confidence my colleagues have shown in me to push back against these misguided efforts. I'm going to do what I think is right, which is what I was appointed to do, said Mike Johnson.

The latest attempt to dismiss the Speaker came as a surprise to many not only because of the slim chance of its success, but above all because it turned out to be a rare act of opposition to Donald Trump, who openly expressed his support for Johnson and described the attempts to remove him from office as ” “unfortunate”.

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-I absolutely love Marjorie Taylor Greene. But right now, Republicans must fight radical left-wing Democrats and undo the damage they have done to our country. With such a small majority, we are unable to vote on such a motion. At some point we may be, but this is not the moment – wrote Donald Trump on the website “Truth Social”.

This is the second time this year that Republicans have filed a motion to dismiss a speaker from their party. In October, Kevin McCarthy became the first House Speaker in history to be removed from office by a vote of no confidence, leading to several weeks of chaos on Capitol Hill.

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