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Russia. A frost that hasn’t been there for years. The temperature can drop to -65 degrees

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Powerful frosts have gripped Russia since the beginning of the year. In Siberia, the temperature is already reaching values ​​that have not been recorded for many years, but the hardest frost is yet to come. Even -65 degrees Celsius is possible this week.

From the beginning of January in Siberia, the temperature regularly drops below -50 degrees Celsius, in some places it is about 60 degrees frost. The coldest air is in Yakutia, a republic considered to be the Russian pole of cold. On Tuesday, -61.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in the village of Zilinda. This place in Russia has not been so cold since 1942.

On Wednesday, it was 55 degrees frost in this village, and the temperature was approaching -60 degrees Celsius in Oymyakon, according to data posted on social media by the local department of hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring.

The temperature can drop to -65 degrees

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The cold weather is expected to be even worse, Reuters reported. According to Russian meteorologists, from Thursday the temperature in some parts of Yakutia may drop to -65 degrees Celsius. The mass of cold Arctic air will move west and then to the central part of the region, it was explained. Cold weather is expected through Monday.

Forecast temperature in Yakutia on Thursday at 13Ventus

In February 1933, – 67.7 degrees Celsius was recorded in Yakutia, which is recognized as the lowest officially confirmed temperature in Russia.

Main photo source: Ventus

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