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Russia: Agitation trains are starting. The Kremlin copies the Bolsheviks' ideas

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In Russia the intensity of spring military conscription is decreasing. To stop the decline in the number of people willing to join the army, the state authorities decided to take action.

Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR) reported that representatives of the Russian regime in the regions were summoned by The Kremlin to fulfill the spring draft plan, because reducing the number of conscripts will mean reducing the number of people willing to join signing a contract with the Russian army.

To encourage people to join the army, the narrative is spread that conscripted soldiers will not participate in hostilities against Ukraine.

They are also used to spread propaganda Russian Railways. Another idea of ​​the Kremlin is: special agitation trains. On wagons of passenger and suburban trains, the so-called elektriczek, slogans related to the army and glorifying the Russian army are painted.

The idea is not new. Putin copies the Bolsheviks

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Ukrainian intelligence reminds that the idea of ​​propaganda trains traveling around the country is not new. A similar method was used by the Bolsheviks over 100 years ago. After they took power in Russia, trains were sent to various regions of the country to help spread communist propaganda. Such special railway depots contained, among others: libraries, bookstores and cinemas.

“This is why Putin's Russia copies the methods of Bolshevik agitation from a hundred years ago,” commented HUR.

On September 21, 2022, it began in Russia first phase of mobilization of reservists. In the following months hundreds of thousands of men left the country or tried to do so for fear of being involved in the war.

On March 22, 2024, the Russian opposition website Wiorstka reported that the Ministry of Defense in Moscow plans to mass conscription into the army and is preparing to secretly mobilize to encircle and capture Ukrainian Kharkov. It was announced that up to approx 300 thousand people.

This number is consistent with the estimates of the authorities in Kiev. April 3 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the Kremlin is preparing an additional mobilization of 300,000. soldiers, and the date of this undertaking was set for June 1.

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