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Russia. Oligarch Ilan Sor creates a political bloc against Moldova

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The party that Ask Advertising he called it “unification of opposition forces”, took place on Sunday in Moscow hotel. During it, it was announced that “history will be written in the center of Moscow Moldova“. Representatives of pro-Russian forces are convinced, among others, that “thoughtless European integration of Moldova will have disastrous consequences” – Moldovan media report.

Ilan Sor residing outside the country is on the sanctions lists United States, Great Britain i Canada. In Moldova, the politician is sentenced to 15 years in prison for money laundering and financial fraud.

Moldova. Oligarch Ilan Sor establishes a pro-Russian bloc

In addition to Sora, the Moscow event was attended by, among others: pro-Russian baskanka autonomous Gagauzia (Moldova region) Evghenia Gutul and a Moldovan MP Marina Tauberalso known for its pro-Russian sympathies.

The new political project is to be called Victoryand in Russian Pobeda, meaning victory.

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Many experts dealing with Moldova expect that in the coming months there will be an attempt to consolidate pro-Russian forces in this country before the autumn presidential and next year's parliamentary elections. Moscow's goal, according to the authorities in Chisinau, is to destabilize the country and overthrow the pro-Western authorities who want to introduce the country to the EU.

Moldova. Ilan Sor is expected to play first violin

Ilan Sor will, according to analysts, play the main violin in these processes – the oligarch has already demonstrated his “effectiveness”resorting to illegal activities, manipulations, and bribing politicians and voters.

Evghenii Gutul, who has recently become active on the political scene, Analysts predict a possible role of a “leader“pro-Russian forces.

Experts do not rule out that over time the pro-Russian Sora front in Moldova will be joined by socialists and communists who – despite their pro-Russian position – have so far kept a “safe distance” from Ilan Sora and his projects.

The pro-Russian party demands the annulment of the elections

This is the result of the decision Constitutional Tribunalwhich found the restrictions that directly affected the group unconstitutional.

On March 26, the body ruled that the changes made to the electoral law, which limited the possibilities for candidates to run the banned Sor party were unconstitutional Moldova.

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