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S7 Olsztynek. A Volkswagen cut in the way of a family driving a Seat. The driver appeared in court, pleading not guilty

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The trial of a man accused of causing a collision on the S7 expressway has started before the District Court in Olsztyn (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship). Jarosław W., by failing to keep a safe distance between vehicles, was to contribute to the fact that a seat with a family of three hit the road barriers. The incident was recorded by another driver. W. pleads not guilty. “He wasn’t driving the car,” the man’s lawyer said.

On Monday, a trial began in front of the District Court in Olsztyn regarding an incident that took place in August on the S7 expressway between Ostróda and Olsztynek. Seat, which together with the driver was traveling with his wife and four-year-old son, veered off the road and hit the guardrail several times. The car was heavily damaged, but fortunately no one was hurt. Another driver who left the scene of the collision contributed to the accident. It was possible to reach him thanks to the video recorder.

A car cut in their way, they skiddedInternet

The accused Jarosław W. pleaded not guilty and refused to answer questions. His wife, summoned to the hearing as a witness, also refused to testify. “My client pleaded not guilty because he simply did not drive the car. He is not the only person using this vehicle. It is for the law enforcement authorities to determine who was driving – attorney Paweł Łobacz, the man’s defender, told journalists.

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Witnesses about who was driving the Volkswagen

During Monday’s hearing, the court questioned several witnesses who saw the collision on S7. Most, however, testified that they had not noticed how many people were in the Volkswagen or who was behind the wheel. Only one of the witnesses stated that the Volkswagen was driven by a man, and there appeared to be no passengers in the car. In turn, the injured owner of the Seat testified that immediately after the incident one of the drivers who stopped at the sight of the collision told him that the Volkswagen was being driven by a woman. However, as the victim said, in his opinion, there were two people in the car – a man was driving and a woman was sitting in the passenger seat. At the same time, he admitted that he was not entirely sure about this.


The court set the date for the next hearing on February 2, during which the last witness will be questioned and final speeches of the parties are planned. For causing a threat to road safety, the Code of Offenses provides for a fine of up to PLN 30,000. zloty. In addition, the court may decide to suspend your driving licence.

The driver left after the incident. “Go after him, I beg you”

The event became loud after the entry on the social network by the driver of the broken seat, Mr. Sergiusz. As he said, when he pulled into the right lane, the driver of the Volkswagen first began to push him, blocked his way and braked sharply. According to him, he was driving over 100 kilometers per hour at the time. The man lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the road barriers. When he stopped and got out of the vehicle, he appealed to other drivers: “Chase him, I beg you.”

“Policemen and firefighters who arrived on the scene said it was a miracle that we survived. Ended up with bruises. Mentally, though, it’s not the best. I will never forget it for the rest of my life, he said. He appealed for help in locating the driver, who continued his journey after the incident. The event was recorded by one of the drivers who was following Mr. Sergiusz’s car. The circumstances of the case were clarified by the police, who declared that there would be no “consent to road aggression”, and if the incident occurred as a result of aggressive behavior of the Volkswagen driver, he would have to face severe consequences.

Sergiusz’s seat after the accident on S7OSP Olsztynek

Officers from the police station in Olsztynek determined that Volkswagen is owned by a leasing company. They received from her the data of people who could be the users of this vehicle. They questioned witnesses and secured video recorders.

Based on the evidence collected, they referred to the court a motion to punish a 33-year-old man for a misdemeanor. – On the basis of the collected evidence, including extensive interrogations of witnesses, the police formulated and presented to the 33-year-old man the charge of causing a threat to road safety and failure to keep a safe distance between vehicles. Further decisions in this case will be taken by the District Court in Olsztyn – announced junior asp. Andrzej Jurkun from the police in Olsztyn.

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