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Six things to know on Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Former deputy minister of justice Michał Woś testified before the parliamentary investigative commission into the Pegasus case. Internal Security Agency agents revealed the original supervision file of preparatory proceedings files in Zbigniew Ziobro's house. In turn, the National Prosecutor's Office announces that it will submit a request for arrest to the president of the Profeto Foundation. Here are six things to know on March 28.

1. Woś appeared before the Pegasus commission

In the year of the most frequent use of Pegasus, i.e. in 2021, there were approximately 200 consents imposed for the surveillance of 100 people, said former Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Woś on Wednesday, testifying before the Sejm investigative committee on Pegasus matters. He added that the use of the software “12 times involved the prosecution of homicides.”

Wednesday's committee meeting ended without any of the PiS MPs. Two of them were excluded, and the other two left the meeting themselves.

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Former Deputy Minister of Justice Michał WośMarcin Obara/PAP/EPA

2. Documents in Ziobro's house

At Zbigniew Ziobro's house, we revealed the original file of the surveillance files of the preparatory proceedings, we will analyze how it got there and whether it should be there – said Przemysław Nowak, spokesman for the National Prosecutor's Office. He added that it was about the death of Ziobro's father.

The case was discontinued twice by the prosecutor's office, independent of Ziobro. When PiS took power, both the prosecutor's office, already supervised by Ziobro, and the Ministry of Justice, headed by him, became involved.

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3. President of the Profeto Foundation with allegations

On Wednesday, the National Prosecutor's Office will request arrest of three people suspected in the Justice Fund scandal.

One of the applications is to concern Father Michał O., president of the church's Profeto Foundation, which received a record subsidy from Zbigniew Ziobro's ministry, amounting to nearly PLN 100 million. The next two will be prepared regarding former employees of the Fund.

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4. Dismissed Eurocorps commander

The Military Counterintelligence Service initiated inspection proceedings in the case of General Jarosław Gromadziński in connection with obtaining new information about the officer. He was immediately dismissed from the position of Eurocorps commander, the Ministry of Defense announced.

“I have nothing to blame myself for. I believe that the inspection procedure initiated by SKW will end positively for me,” Gromadziński wrote in a statement.

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5. Geopark from Poland on the UNESCO list

The Land of Extinct Volcanoes was added to the UNESCO World Geoparks list on Wednesday. The geopark located in the Sudetes is the third place in our country distinguished in this way.

– This confirms that Poland can boast a geological heritage of international importance – said Dr. Katarzyna Szadkowska, head of the Deposit and Environmental Geology Laboratory at the Lower Silesian Branch of PGI-PIB in Wrocław.

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6. Owsiak summed up the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity collected PLN 281,879,118.07 during the 32nd Final – announced the president of the Foundation, Jurek Owsiak, on Wednesday. This is another record in the history of WOŚP.

– The topic of the Final (…) is lungs after the pandemic. We play for children and adults. It's a huge problem and a problem we want to deal with, Owsiak said before the final. – Once again, just like we did with sepsis, we want to buy equipment for fifteen pulmonology departments for children and 49 departments for adults – he added then.

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Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP/EPA

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