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Slupsk. He was given a heavy fine and 17 penalty points. On the same day, he thanked the police by e-mail. “They got into my dirty head and opened my eyes”

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The self-reflection of the driver from Pomerania amazed even the policemen. The man, who received a high fine and penalty points for speeding, sent an e-mail to the command thanking him on the same day. In it, he stated that the police had made him aware that he had put his family in danger. “They got into my thick head and opened my eyes,” he said.

Junior aspirant Jakub Bagiński from the Municipal Headquarters in Słupsk told about the unusual finale of the standard intervention of the Słupsk traffic policemen. The intervention took place around noon on Saturday.

– The officers noticed a seat, which was driving at high speed on the national road number 6 near Potęgowo and was overtaking other vehicles in the area of ​​the intersection – describes the policeman. The car was stopped immediately. Behind the wheel was a resident of Gdańsk, who was carrying his family: his wife and two small children.

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The driver was fined, later wrote an e-mail to the police. “They got into my fucking head”

The officers interviewed the man and imposed a fine of PLN 1,400 on him, and also punished him with 17 penalty points. The driver accepted the ticket and drove off. The uniforms did not expect that the case would have any continuation.

A few hours later, the punished man sent an e-mail to the police station, which the police are now publishing. The driver wrote in the message: “my e-mail may seem strange and unusual, but I would like to thank the policemen who stopped me today (February 04, 2022) and punished me with a lot of penalty points.”

As he goes on to write, he realized that people are losing “routine and the belief that we are the masters of the world, and each of us is the best rally driver”. He was to understand this after talking to the policemen, whose behavior he described as “exemplary”. “They got into my dirty head and opened my eyes,” we read in the email.

An email from a remorseful driverKMP Slupsk

The driver “is stupid”, he thanked for the points and the ticket

As the driver emphasizes, the officers first had to calm down the family and children. They were also to ask the man’s wife why she had allowed her husband to drive so fast. “Together with my wife, we decided that it was a very wise and accurate question, we were going together” – noted the Gdańsk resident.

“They behaved exemplary and professionally, they explained what I had done wrong and at the same time they could not understand why I was driving in such a way, carrying the whole family. And now most importantly, they made me realize that my behavior put my family at risk, it went to me, I feel stupid and thank you very much for the points and the fine,” the fined man continued.

Police officers admit that such a driver’s reaction is rare, but they hope that it will work preventively. – This story can be a lesson for all drivers that fines and penalty points are not a high penalty compared to the legal and social consequences that threaten to cause traffic accident – thinks young asp. Baginski.

Main photo source: DarSzach/Shutterstock, KMP Słupsk

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